Too Good // Summertime Styleframes

Nothing says summer like a good pair of flip flops. And although we seem to be at the end of our rope here in Bermuda, I am still convinced that after this hurricane passes the sun will shine for at least the entirety of September! Here’s hoping…And here are some amazing pieces of work from very talented Mograph artists featuring the icon of summer :: the flip flop.



above from Radoxist Studio



above from Hello Tello


Explo:rad // Bring Back The Sunshine!

Summer is in NO way supposed to be over yet, but all we have had for nearly 3 weeks is rain! I am dying to get outside and play or be able to drive to town without getting drenched half way into the trip…

I think everyone could use a few of these photos as Tropical Storm Cristobal approaches, all we can expect is, well, mas lluvia!





Wonderfully Illustrated Cocktail Recipe Book

You can tell it’s Friday when all I can think about is 5pm and a good happy hour spot (oh, wait, that’s not really any different than any other day I guess!) Regardless, it’s a great excuse to share this super cool, beautifully designed, cocktail recipe book by Jane Rocca and illustrated by the talented Kat Macleod. The Cocktail: 200 Fabulous Drinks is not just easy on the eyes, but it has delicious libations like the Funky Caribbean (rum) and the Hibiscus Martini. YUM! Check out some of it’s beautiful visuals & yummy recipes below and then go get a copy here!




Sketchbook Page—Red Mermaid

After my short sabbatical, I decided to pair down the amount of post types I “write.” I am focusing only on the ones I truly enjoy creating content for in an effort to post daily and actually produce good work. I am happy to say that the Sketchbook Pages are here to stay. And for today, a mermaid. I am pretty sure I would LOVE to wear this t-shirt if it existed!




Too Cool Surf Shop Branding

The design nerd in me is often very apparent, but when I saw these self-initiated projects for non-existent surf shops, I geeked out a little bit. Both of these cool surf shop projects are both very comprehensive examples of brand integration and I love the use of textures to create pattern, the pops of color and am stoked to see some blind embossing on the Against The Grain project…swoooooooon


Against The Grain :: Jen Gilecki


Tyde Surfboards :: Giulia Marconi



Pinned // Island Living

I am celebrating the beginning of the last official month of summer, my return to RadWorks Design Hut, and the close out to an amazing weekend with some Pins that will make you say, “screw September, Summer should last!”

ps. If you don’t know anything about Cup Match in Bermuda, do yourself a favor and google it NOW!


not sure where this is, but I’d like to go! 


bliss. image source.



how many of these can you check off of your list? image source.


LOVE this necklace. Get it HERE


perhaps I should be scheduling some snorkel time this week! image source.


lovin’ this open back white dress. so, very summer. image source.


Taking A Short Break…

Hello All!

I just wanted to apologize for my absence with RWDH these past few weeks. The Design Hut is actually quite busy at the moment, so I felt it was in my best interest that I focus my efforts on my clients.

That being said, I am still preparing new posts (and some really fun ones!) for my return in August (4th), so please hang tight and definitely follow me on Instagram! A LOT is going on!

Happy July!

Pen Cap Post Productions :: Branding

It is always a pleasure to reconnect with former colleagues and getting back in touch with Kristen & John (both former ESPN colleagues) of Pen Cap Post Productions was certainly no different! We originally were discussing potential collaborations in the form of motion graphics, but when they asked me about my branding & website capabilities, we hit the ground running.

Below are the different versions of their new logo and soon I will be able to share their new website! I look forward to helping them display their rad work in a beautiful, user friendly format…stay tuned!




Sketchbook Page—Tropical Fish Inspired Surf Board

Well it has been a little too long since I put something in my sketchbook, so I figured what better way to get into it than a nice tropical fish inspired surf board design?! This blue & green (or is it yellow?) design was inspired by this little guy.

 Just got back from a paddle and saw a few more cool fish I might have to put onto paper too!


Some detail for you…




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