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Laura Ritchie, Co-founder & Designer at Events In The City DC

I was just in DC for a business trip and had the great pleasure of sharing an inspiring coffee break with Laura Ritchie of Events In The City. As we talked, I realized that ideas & creativity were spewing out of our mouths as our personalities really seemed to play off of each other well. I’m certainly hoping that I get the pleasure of working with Laura in the future, but until then, I wanted to share a few of the fun things I learned about her.

Me: Why did you become a planner?
LR: Well at heart I have always been a planner, a bossy pants, in charge type of chick. My mom used to tell me I was telling the other kids what to do and play with in Gymboree class. So if you know me, this really is my perfect job. Aside from the playground though, I became involved in this industry immediately after college and worked in hotels and off premise catering for over five years. This experience was invaluable and truly makes me so proud to have the knowledge base to execute quality events. From there, Megan Pollard and I started our own company four and a half years ago and have really enjoyed being entrepreneurs and having the ability to be as creative as we want to be.

Me: What is your biggest piece of advice when planning an event?
LR: Its all about headcount. It truly dictates everything from the type of venue you can fit into, to the quanitity of centerpieces you’ll need for each table, to how many staff will be onsite to service your event. If you are concered with budget, then cut some people off the list. Its hard to do that sometimes, and you are always more popular than you think when it comes to hosting a wedding….cousins will fly out of the woodwork asking about their invitation. We suggest keeping your lips sealed on the verbal promises until actual invites get sent out and keep it to quality over quanitiy.

Me: Any exciting projects coming up that we should look out for?
LR: Oh man, we always have something up our sleeves! We have an exciting photoshoot that is about to be showcased on Ruffled Blog, we are working on a facelift and redesign of our website again in the next couple of months, we’ll be starting some workshops in our studio space and of course lots of gorgeous events from baby showers, birthday parties to of course weddings!

Me: What is the most RAD thing you a) own, b) have done,  c) want to do?
a) My great grandmothers engagement ring from 1920, I wear it everyday (see picture below!)
b) Been to Australia four times and toured the outback
c) Travel across the country in an RV with my family.

Me: What is the coolest beach/ocean destination you’ve been to?
LR: I’m pretty well traveled since my husband is Australian and a good amount of my family lives in Europe. But if I had to say one that was just really different, it would be Brighton, England. I went on a trip with my best friend, Tyler, to London, Paris & Geneva this past Spring and we went to my aunts flat in Brighton for a weekend. It was like Charleston/Jersey Shore/1920s/Modern City all mixed together. The beach is all round stones but the atmosphere of the piers and lapping cold waves was just pure heaven.

Me: What would you pack for a beach/ocean getaway?
LR: A bagillion magazines, one piece bathing suits (Kate Spade ones rocked my world this summer),  my vintage caftan, a big floppy hat, great wedges (Im a shorty!), a jean jacket, a long flowy dress, a bucket for collecting seashells, some margaritas and guacamole (mexican is my absolute favorite).

*Check out some of my finds inspired by Laura’s stuff!  grey & yellow room | floppy hat | denim jacket | flowy dress | a killer wedge | margs! | for seashells


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