Relaxed Days :: Tropical Wallpaper Download

I window shop online. A lot. Something I always notice about what I add to shopping carts or what I love from pin boards is PATTERN! Pattern transform the ordinary. Pattern excites, it plays, it makes things unique. The stripes in this dress reminded me of the color of the ocean here in Bermuda and after the buzz of the holiday season and the amazing 70+ degree weather we had here this weekend, I did something I haven’t done for a long time…make a desktop.

I used to create desktops all the time, for myself, for my family and for friends. It was a form of self expression and a simple creative exercise. I figured it’s time to get back into it. So, for you, my first desktop in over a year (gasp!!) Just follow the links below!

dress by Roxy  |  download desktop 



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