Go Forth // A Life Charge

As I prepare to bury myself in personal projects and work this weekend, I realized I needed a little “pump me up.” The thing is, I’ve always accomplished more when I have more on my plate, my time management skills seem to appear out of no where and latch themselves to me until I eventually burn out. Today, I watched this video. I imagine about 100 of those plays on YouTube are from me, as I often go back to it. Yes, it’s motivational, it implores me to do my best, to make the most of ‘me’ and do it the way I want to, but something else happens when I see this video. I am reminded of where I live, the friends I have around me and my family back in the States. Navigating through passion projects is one of the most rewarding things, especially at the end when I can say “I DID IT!,” but, it is even more satisfying when my dear friends, whom I have leaned on for support when I need a boost, can be proud and revel in the moment with me.

This isn’t a New Year’s Resolution, it’s a Life Resolution. Do what you love, do it well and share it with those who make you, you, those who make you better.

Go Forth.



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