Yes, Please. // 10—Inflatable SUP

Even though it’s pretty darn cold outside right now (by Bermuda standards), I am thinking ahead to warmer temperatures when the days are longer, the sun won’t stop shining and the water is perfect to dive into! I can’t think of a more perfect summertime accessory for the Vespa then an inflatable stand-up paddle board! (did you even know they made them?) The sport is starting to take off here and I was deeply upset when I knew I couldn’t have a car, and thus, no transportation for a SUP, that is, until I was out on the water one day last fall with our resident expert at Island Winds, and he told me about the products! BOOM! Since, I have been dreaming of all the places I can paddle out to.

A couple I am considering: THIS ONE, by Star-Board, and THIS ONE, by Naish

This will be MOI in a few months!


photos borrowed from HERE (left), HERE (top), and HERE (bottom)…Thank you!



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  1. Karen Reply

    You could also get a scooter surf board rack. I saw one when I was in Hawaii! They were pretty sweet.

    • amerault Reply

      This. Is. AWESOME!!! Thanks KP!

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