So Impressive. // 11—SHE Summit 2013

This past Friday & Saturday I had the extreme pleasure of attending SHE Summit NYC. The SHE stands for “She Helps Empower,” and I can’t even begin to describe how empowered I felt over those two days and how it has been rushing through my veins since then. Claudia Chan carefully curated a group of over 40 amazing, intelligent, successful, women to speak about everyday issues relating to women. I hope that every woman has the chance to visit her website and take advantage of the vast knowledge & inspiration that is offered, and, if you are anything like me, feel compelled to do something…whether that something is for yourself, or continues along Claudia’s charge of empowering other women.


For myself, I have an idea, rather lofty, but not impossible. I would like to do something similar in nature to what Claudia is doing with, however, focused on women in the design world. Yet another male dominated industry, with which we could all benefit from a little female encouragement. Stay tuned, as RadWorks Women is already in its fledgling stages!



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