SO IMPRESSIVE. // 12—The Ignition Lab, Well Worth The Investment

Back in early December, I traveled to Nicaragua for The Ignition Lab (It’s a 5-Day, all-inclusive, international immersion for 6 unique individuals looking to transform their side hustle from something they’re trying to do, into something that works). I know I did a short post about this previously to let you know what I was up to, but I had no idea that it would change my life. No lie. It’s not often that you apply for something on a whim and expect your investment to have such an immense return.

This time was different. I felt something, I was connected, I was inspired, I was overall in a place personally where I new I needed to let life happen and accept that my talent, my ambition and my passion could really take me somewhere. I applied for TIL, knowing that it would be amazing, that I would meet some great people, learn invaluable approaches to business and have an adventure in a new country.

The Ignition Lab was so. much. more.

Here I am, 9 months later and I can’t stop! Seriously…I’ve had my moments of weakness, some down days, but not many. I have spent the last 9 months hurling myself into the positive thinking that I will not be broke for much longer, I am really good at what I do and I am soooo ready to capitalize off of that. I work, and I work some more, and I research and I introduce myself to people, I get rejected, I get hired, I get compliments, I get critiques…I always had the passion, I always had the drive, what I was lacking was focus and some like-minded support. On a regular basis I am in contact with Bassam & Antonio, creators of The Ignition Lab, and still correspond with the rest of the participants via email (however, I’m sure if I was still living in NYC, some of us would all see each other frequently)

I guess my point is Invest. Invest your time, invest your passions, invest  your help, invest your money, invest TODAY to invest in your future. I’m certainly not getting any younger (more awesome, perhaps?? ehhh??), and I can happily shout from the rooftops that, 2 months before my BIG 3-0, I am very well on my way to success (as I define it.)

Thank you Bassam, Antonio, Kiersten, Talia, Asher, Kate, & Renita for making my experience so amazing!

It doesn’t look like there’s much “work” being done in these pictures, but trust me, going out on these adventures got us all thinking more clearly & creatively! 


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