So Impressive. // 13—How To Leave A Small Town

If you are at all like me and have a million and one projects to juggle, no matter how much self motivation you may have, it’s likely that you need a little bit of a push every once in a while. Although there are only 3 podcasts published in this series at the moment, “How To Leave A Small Town,” with Antonio Neves is just jam packed with things you need to hear and small, attainable, action items to get you to pick your butt up off the couch and take the necessary steps towards achieving your goals…no matter how small or grandiose those goals may be.


He is so quotable, I think you may see a few of his words thrown onto a Patterns In Crime desktop in the near future…”Take one deliberate step today…and another one tomorrow”

Listen to these podcasts HERE!

Thanks, Antonio, for supporting us all!



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