Cruisin’ 12 // ‘Round Roma!

Rome. What an awesome city! Almost 10 years after studying abroad there, I was back and doing basically the same thing…Butchering the Italian language, drinking a lot of wine and running around, sitting my butt on every Vespa in the city!

Most of the Vespas in Bermuda are not more than 10 or so years old, but in Rome (and the rest of Italy for that matter) they had some OLD models. Models I was too afraid to sit on and take a picture with because I thought my newly acquired pizza/pasta/wine LBs would be a bit too much for them. Alas, I did manage a few fun photos (please note the ode to my forever favorite city on my shirt!)


A special thanks to Davide, an old friend from NYC for putting us up in his amazing B&B. Going to Rome? Stay HERE!

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