Shoregasm // 1—Bermuda Wallpaper

If you’ve watched any TV lately you’ve probably seen the Geico commercial with the camel walking around asking everyone in the office “What day is it?” Personally, I think that camel has good reason to be excited when someone states that it is, infact, “HUMPDAYYYYYYY!!”

And in true humpday spirit, I am introducing a new column (drum roll, please…) SHOREGASM! (and if you’re in Bermuda, where is has been raining for the past 4 hours straight, then you could probably use a little, ahem, excitement)

Download the appropriate size for your screen below!


1920×1200  |  1920×1080  |  1680×1050  |  1440×900  | 1280×800

If you’d like to share your Shoregasm, we’d love to see it! Just send me your original image (at least 2000px wide @ 72dpi) and be prepared to have your Shoregasm blasted all over the internet!



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