So Impressive. // 14—The 50/50 Initiative

I love my industry and I love my work. I also love that I am a strong & independent woman, raised by parents & brothers who instilled confidence and strength in me from an early age. I, unfortunately, know many women who are not as lucky (for one reason or another, their confidence is lacking and is reflected in the way that they approach their work environments). I am in no way saying that their talent is not mirrored in their work, but perhaps, that they are not treated as they should be in the workplace, or don’t have the courage to negotiate a higher salary, etc.

I am currently working on a project, some of you know about, called RadWorks Women. RWW will be an online community and support system for women in creative fields looking for inspiration, reassurance, advice, etc. A place where we can all encourage and help one another in our creative endeavours. Over the next few months, I will be sharing the progress of the project and asking for input.

In the mean time, I wanted to share THIS initiative, put together by The Art Director’s Club, called The 50/50 Initiative. While our missions are different, they are certainly intertwined and very important. Sign the online petition if you can and help bring awareness to this subject. And watch the video below!


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