Too Good Design // More Rad Surf Illustrations

I brought out my sketchbook this weekend and looked through it, it is certainly lacking when I compare it to these talented illustrators! I am inspired to use some of my downtime to work on my drawing skills that seem to have been misplaced somewhere along the way. Time to go outside, pick up some pens and markers and my practically empty book and see if my hands can still do it!

In the mean time, check out these cool kids from around the globe. O’lee is from France and has some of the most beautiful, detailed work I’ve ever seen. I particularly love all of the ocean inks, including the one shown below; Flor is from Argentina and did THIS cool, textural illustration. I would definitely love to see more work like this out of Flor! I am totally in love with Victor’s (from France, too!) style. Make sure to check out his entire body of work because it is so cool…such a cheeky and playful vibe…you’ll want to see them all!






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