So Impressive // 15—Designer Fund

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As I continue conducting research for RadWorks Women, I discover a huge breadth of projects going on out in the world that are design related. Believe me, there is some very impressive stuff! While I love this blog, and I absolutely love designing…there is something about the intrinsic value that design for social good brings to the table. This is what has inspired me with RWW, and it truly tickles me to see how it affects others.

The Designer Fund has a mission; help designers create businesses with meaningful impact. Our community gives angel funding, mentorship, and connections to entrepreneurial designers. They believe that more designers should take the path of entrepreneurship and solve deep problems with technology. Through their research they have found systemic issues including a lack of entrepreneurial design education, successful peers who serve as role models and capital resources. Additionally, they believe that companies can be more successful if design, engineering and business talent collaborate from the beginning.

I know. Wow.

You can imagine how pleased I was to also see & read about Origins and Women In Design. Both orchestrated by Designer Fund and focusing on none other than…Women in Design! Can’t wait to delve deeper in to their content! Go look, NOW! (even if it’s just for the rad info graphic!!)





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