Too Good Design // Sustainable Drink Packaging

Well, I did not start researching this post with the intention of it being booze-centric (hard to believe, I know), but rather, I was focused on sustainable packaging. I was truly amazed at how eco-responsible many companies have become. As I was scanning through pages upon pages of packaging, I kept coming back to a common theme. That’s right, packaging for BOOZE! Wine, champagne, you name it—it’s the holiday season, so it is definitely appropriate!

These examples don’t just look cool, they serve a purpose (other than just packaging) and are made from post-consumer waste or completely biodegradable material! Can I get a “Hallelujah!?!”



1 |  check out more info on Veuve’s packaging HERE, and watch this really cool video explaining it!
2 |  the patterns on this product just make me want to have them more! I read somewhere that you can even create custom ones!
3 |  okay, wine packaging that turns into a gorgeous lamp? that is pretty damn innovative!




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