Two Words: Rain. Gear.

Dear Self:

Do you remember those mornings when you first moved to Bermuda and had fresh, shiny, rain gear, so you wore it all the time? You looked at the radar every morning before leaving for work and even if there was a small blip that would pass us to the South East, or wouldn’t even come close to the Rock before your 15 minute commute was over. It didn’t matter. You were prepared & you were damn proud of it. And when those rain clouds DID appear, right out of no where, as if Scotty worked that magic beam, you were able to proudly chuckle at the suits, suede shoes, and long, flowing hair, getting doused by the monsoon whipping across this ‘island paradise.’

Sigh. What happened to those days.

3 years on the Island does not make you a meteorologist (ask your brother, he’ll tell you it takes 7 years and mountains of student loans before you even come close). Looking out the front window and trying to decide if the heavens are going to open up on you 10 minutes into your ride is NOT the best way. You can’t tell when it’s going to rain, but you can tell when it’s raining—and it’s usually raining when you’re 10 minutes into that ride and you’ve left your rain gear neatly hanging on the coat rack instead of under your seat. And if you decide to pull over and seek coverage in a bus shelter, you run the risk of royally pissing off a bus driver. Those big, pink, busses may look sweet, but you never know how well the brakes are working. One quick honk to their mate as they pass in oncoming traffic-eyes off the road-and BAM, your bike could be toast. You are officially the person you used to laugh at, ruined shoes, wet hair, the whole 9.

So. Self. Take the extra 2 minutes to check the radar (so long as it’s working…cough, cough…), don’t try and beat it, especially if you’re driving the direction the rain is coming from. At the very least, learn to keep your rain gear under the seat. Lesson learned…again.


(a semi-prepared day—and only because it was already raining when I left the house)


— Two Words: Rain. Gear.

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