New Waterfront House Photos!

I have definitely enjoyed the last 2 years in the house close to town, but I am SO, unbelievably excited about the move ‘out West.’ The house is considerably smaller, but newer and more manageable (I mean, I might actually be able to keep this one clean!). And, of course, there’s the view. The move to Southampton brings a dock, which equates to immediate access for paddle boarding in my mind!

And there is just something about this house. The molding, the colors of the walls, the afternoon sunlight that floods the living area…It is a little reminiscent of “Paradise East” (what my Momma calls her own home). So, the end of February marks the beginning of life at Coral Point and a new adventure in decorating! Stay tuned over the next few months to see these empty rooms transformed (ehh, hopefully!) into comfortable, tasteful rooms that compliment the island lifestyle that Bermuda offers!


Gas fireplace=no more mess! Who wants to visit??




3 Responses to New Waterfront House Photos!
  1. Dawn Reply

    I want to come visit!!

    • amerault Reply

      I’m sure that could be arranged!

  2. Cathy Reply

    of course I want to visit my other “daughter”!! miss you so much and wish we could see each other more often. It was great seeing you when you were here at the other “paradise” place!! xxoo

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