5 Observations From Moving In Bermuda

Ohhh moving. No one enjoys it. The idea of moving to a new house/state/country is all very exciting, but once the fantasizing about how you’re going to decorate wears off and the reality of the process of moving sets in, fun is gone and frustration is written all over your face.

I once considered myself somewhat of a professional mover, with over 10 moves (city to city, not house to house) under my belt (most from growing up in a military family and one in & out of NYC, which, some of you may know is a huge challenge), but nothing really prepares you for all of the oddities involved in the process of moving in Bermuda.

1 >> It is likely that your new house will come with a pet…

Of the lizard or tree frog variety. They are everywhere here, and if work has been done on your place prior to moving in, doors were probably left open, thus, inviting these sly, little creatures right in. I was first greeted by Lizzie when I went to open the closet door…almost 2 weeks later, I have no idea where ‘she’ is.

2 >> You’re friends have been visualizing their furniture in your space…

Or they have already lived in your place! With so few places on the island to choose from, you can almost guarantee that any of your buddies who are also house hunting, are considering putting an offer on your first choice too. Tread carefully, or, at least offer them the guest bedroom!

3 >> You must be very clear on the ground rules…

As an expat, renting is pretty much your only option (unless you’re rich), which means after you give notice that you’re vacating, your landlord will be anxious to get you out, and any work done so they can continue to collect anywhere from 2-6k a month in rent (I’m not really sure what the average is).

I get it.

What I don’t get is the absence of common courtesy & respect. Don’t show up unannounced, and for goodness sakes, please, please, if the landlord gives you a key, don’t see yourself in just because no one answered the door!! (based on actual events…ughhh)

4 >> Vespas were not built for hauling…

I’ve seen people transport just about everything you can imagine on the back of their bikes: doors, gas cylinders, full suitcases, chairs, coolers, dogs, etc.

But that’s just one trip. A car doesn’t even help that much, seeing as most of them are so tiny here. Even after graciously taking advantage of several friends and their cars, there were at least 11 trips made and still, there was stuff left over.

Which leads me to #5.


For the cost of moving mostly just furniture from Pembroke all the way to Southampton (roughly a whopping 10 miles), you could move almost an entire single family home from Florida to California (including packing!)


**these are not complaints, yet observations and things that I will have to remember and prepare more for if there is ever another move**



— 5 Observations From Moving In Bermuda

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