Great Book Design Examples

It takes a special kind of designer to get books right. There is so much that goes into them; page after page, tons of typography to consider. I am always impressed, especially when I see really cool or innovative book designs. Here are a few really cool ‘books.’ Some traditional, some not.

The Plastic Ocean project by Lisa Claire Stewart speaks to me, as I did my masters thesis project (and a few others) on the ever growing population of plastic in our oceans. I couldn’t seem much of El Viaje, but enough to know that I’d like to see more! I can tell that I am into the style of the paper cut outs on the cover with little details of pattern work. I LOVE Kay Solley’s artistic interpretation of her Blue. The mixed media combined with the whimsical water color strokes are simply gorgeous. As a motion graphics nerdo, you know this Havaiana’s piece is really checking me right in my gut. It is making me want to start on a stop motion piece RIGHT MEOW. Truly awesome, and so happy that a “making of” video is shown so everyone knows just how time consuming and difficult work like this is!





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