7 Spring Beach Essentials

Today I wanted to share some Spring beach essentials to have ready for any day that is nice enough to get out and enjoy some sunshine. I have been enjoying summertime-like days since I arrived in Cabarete, Dominican Republic almost a week ago, and I’m really hoping that the Bermuda ‘Winter’ has passed by the time I arrive home on Sunday. I forgot to pack a beach bag, so I have been using some ever-classy plastic shopping bags to tote around my book, sunscreen and music. Hopefully, this little visual guide will help you be more prepared than I was!



find these awesome products here:

1  //  2  //  3  //  4  //  5  //  6  //  7



2 Responses to 7 Spring Beach Essentials
  1. Cathy Hively Reply

    See you are having fun! Miss & love you…I am flying out Sunday to visit Ms. B!! Or rather ” bb”!! Email me when you can…xo

  2. Cathy Hively Reply

    PS…you & I are twins!! since my back is better I’ve been walking on the beach 3-4 days a week! and of course I always go even when I couldn’t walk….just for all the reasons you go!!!!xo

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