Very Cool, Very Detailed & Illustrated Gig/Film Poster

These two illustrated posters have so many awesome details! I can’t stop looking at them! From the hand drawn type on one to the half-tone on the other, they are just too cool. I also wanted to show them together because of their common theme. Although they are both conceptually similar with their information displayed as a large tattoo spanning an entire back, they are still so stylistically different. I love both approaches to these posters.

The Lollapalooza poster below was done by Alvaro Arteaga, of Chile. You can see the whole project here and more of his work here.


Donough O’Malley is behind the awesome, illustrated & screen printed film festival poster below. The film festival was surf themed, so naturally, I love it even more. Check out the whole project here and more of Donough’s work, here.





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