My Top 5 Reasons To Visit Cabarete, Dominican Republic

You knew it was coming eventually. I am a big endorser of Cabarete, on the North Shore of the Dominican Republic, and here are 5 reasons why you should go and become one yourself!


So much is to be said for getting out of your comfort zone and experiencing different cultures. Even though I’ve traveled to Cabarete 5 or 6 times now and my Spanish is pretty darn good, I always get something new out of it. My Spanish speaking skills tend to improve 5 fold, regardless of how much I tense up when someone speaks too fast for me to follow. I meet new locals (mostly cab drivers) and they are always very excited to talk about their life in the DR and exchange stories.

There are definitely water sports to try, but if you want a break from swallowing salt water, you can rent a moto and drive down the La Boca or go on one of the many Iguana Mama Tours (I’ve been to Monkey Jungle and zip lined, but am dying to do the waterfalls!) If you’re a foodie, there are actually some really good restaurants, like Bliss (happens to be owned by a couple who worked & met in Bermuda), Blue Moon, which is one of the coolest places you can go (they cater to larger groups, so if you’re only one or two people, call them early to see if they can squeeze you in), Kahuna has real poutine for you Canadians, and Gorditos has some of the yummiest fish tacos. Ever. Of course, there are dozens & dozens of bars…which leads me to my next reason.


Um. Yes. Mojito Bar gets its own spot on the list. This is a must stop if you’re traveling to Cabarete, and now, with 2 locations (one at Cabarete Beach and one at Kite beach), it is that much easier to get caught in the rain and end up staying ALL afternoon. With amazing flavors of mojitos, an awesome happy hour deal and surprisingly delicious food (big fan of the crustinis) it is really easy and enjoyable to spend an afternoon there. It’s right on the beach, so you can watch kites go by, people watch and if Sonia, the Italian owner, is there, you’re in for a treat. She is one of the friendliest people on the beach. If you don’t have a while to spend there, make sure you get a mojito “para llevar” (maybe chinola flavored!) to enjoy as you walk down the beach!

The locals and the expats in Cabarete are extremely welcoming. Just a few days in this beach town and you start to recognize people when you go for breakfast or are out walking the beach. Regardless of how little English someone speaks, they can normally at least point you in the right direction or give you a great recommendation. Maybe it’s the weather and the never ending sunshine (even when it’s raining, it’s an awesome place), but the smiles in Cabarete are always out.

Kite surfing, wind surfing, paddle boarding, surfing. ALL IN ONE PLACE. Seriously, what else do you need? When the wind is low in the morning, paddle boarding and surfing is the way to go. Don’t worry if you’ve never done either of these sports, there are tons of affordable places to take lessons from, like Vela & Ali’s. As soon as the wind picks up (usually in the afternoon), kite surfers and wind surfers storm the beach. Like the other water sports, there are great places to learn (LEK is a good place to start). But if you’re like me and aren’t ready to commit to it yet, there is no better place to tolerate getting slapped in the face with sand by the wind. You find yourself entranced in the sea of colorful kites performing in front of you, like a choreographed dance. Time passes so fast and you don’t even realize that the entire right side of your body has just had a great exfoliation treatment.

So. Is it time to go back yet?



— My Top 5 Reasons To Visit Cabarete, Dominican Republic

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