Cool 3D Typographic Ad Campaigns


With summer right around the corner I thought it would be fun to share some cool summer-inspired 3D typographic ad campaigns.

I love this NYC ‘Summer Streets’ campaign not just because I miss New York every day, but because it really gives you a sense of the city and what it offers, especially during the summer months. The detail is amazing! I adore the cage shown below holding the baseball bats and the basketballs. Brings me right back to Chelsea Piers and teeing off over the Hudson River! See the rest of this awesome project HERE.


How can you not love this Ray Ban campaign? It screams summer! There are a few different versions of these sunshine filled compositions—you can see the rest of them HERE. Hugely typographic, I love how the text has been anchored to keep consistent layouts with the summer time objects behind it.


Don’t you wish you had this toy record player when you were growing up?? I can only imagine what this would look like with motion involved. I am certainly not a dancer, but this cool 3D record player turned dance machine kind of makes me think that if I went to this camp that I might come out being one? Who wants to go?! Duncan Sham did an awesome job putting this project together.




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