The BEST (And The Worst) Reasons to DIY

My name is Lindsay and I am a DIY—VA.

Most of my female friends notice something new every time they step through my front door—A ‘new’ chair, a ‘new’ lamp, curtains, sofa tables—it never ends. I pride myself in the quality of my DIY-ing and try to look at the pieces I already own, or those in a consignment/thrift shop with a deserving eye. There’s a good and a bad side to everything though, right? Well, here are mine:


I should note, that I do not go out of my wheelhouse when it comes to doing things myself. You will never find me playing with the breaker box trying to figure out how to install new lighting (although I want to), or touching any pipes, as I know I will only cause more harm than good.


— The BEST (And The Worst) Reasons to DIY

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