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My favorite room in the house is easily the coastal inspired living room! And it’s pretty easy to see why with that amazing view of the Bay and the huge yard (puppy??). I spend the most time in this room—even more than the office, thanks to my laptop. Since I spend so much time in here, I wanted to make sure that it was a good mix of cozy & stylish and of course, it needed to have some consistency with what is right outside of those French doors!

**I’m sorry for the lack of professional photos…One day**


I can count at least 6 things in this room from Orange Bay, and 6 things that I DIY’ed (including the sofa table, which I have already featured!)


These chairs are so versatile! You can sit in them and enjoy the view as they are, turn them around and watch a game of pool, or, they provide extra seating for a dinner party! These pillows are actually 2 gorgeous napkins that I sewed together with a zipper enclosure for easy cleaning. The napkins came from Island Trading.


I keep my yoga mat tucked behind my side table made of wine boxes for easy access to the patio. Perfect place to practice! PS—I painted that lamp, isn’t it cool?!


This rug, from ESC, is one of the pieces I splurged on, since I have no way to DIY one of those bad boys! I think it really has tied the elements in the room together successfully.


The subway roll signs were also a DIY project. I stretched the canvas onto frames, drew some lines in chalk as a guide and got to painting. Please note that the sign shown here is of no particular subway line in Toronto, just a random assortment of stops (cough cough…blame him…cough cough).



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