Oh, hellloooooo there! So happy you came by to read about (cough) me (cough). It’s not too exciting, so I’ll keep it short…

Some might say I am a bright and spirited lil’ lady with an insatiable appetite for life and design. I was raised as a Navy Brat along with my 3 older brothers, moving back and forth across the country practically every 2 years. The varying landscapes provided endless inspiration and developed my zest for travel & experiencing different cultures. It was thought early on that this career path would be for me. My parents claim clairvoyance, but we all know that they were tipped off by my persistence to put up original artwork on the walls of every military house we occupied. Serious pursuit of my dream of a career in the visual arts started at the University of Florida, dipping my hands in 2 alternate art majors before discovering the complexities of graphic design and the self-reward for solving challenging design problems. Also, recently, I completed my Master of Arts in Broadcast Design & Motion Graphics from Savannah College of Art & Design.

Today, I live in Bermuda (going on 3 years and loving it!). Who wouldn’t want to live in a place where you are surrounded by beauty and are able to be constantly inspired by the endless piercing sunsets, changing tides and pink sandy beaches.


Radworkss.com is my version of a journal…a much more visual and less sophisticated version of a journal. I tend to post about all things involving water sports, the ocean, travel, beautiful design & functionality, and of course, my life in Bermuda. Frankly, I don’t write too much in my posts because I don’t love to read. I want to keep it simple for you, the ‘reader’ and provide you with eye candy and an almost endless scrolling ability!


Okay, not the classic by Phil Collins circa mid 80s (as catchy as it is!), but RadWorks Design Hut. Since I don’t create this content to make money, I have to work! I am a full time Design Consultant, accepting contract positions on & off site, mostly in the motion graphics industry. I have worked with notable clients such as ESPN, Madison Square Garden, The New York Knicks, TUFMED, US Tennis Association, etc. You can check out my full portfolio of my print // motion // web work here. Along with these projects, I also run Wined & Designed, an online wedding stationery boutique producing yummy wedding invites!

I’d love to work with you or hear more about your project needs. Please contact me here.