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Summer Suits For An Active Lifestyle

Summer has arrived in Bermuda and I spent all of last weekend outside. This means one thing—time to shop for bathing suits. UGH. Every year it’s the same thing: I’m not quite in beach shape when it’s time to shop for these bad boys. On the plus side, getting a good suit hold you ‘in,’ while running up and down the beach, playing volleyball, surfing or SUPing will help you get into that shape FAST!

Here are a few bikinis whose cut, shape and fastenings have worked out pretty well for me in the past.


1— Hurley Dri-Fit Mesh Bra and Reversible Brief
2— Hurley Block Party Halter and Brief
3— Rip Curl Mirage Crossback Revo Halter and Pant
4— RVCA Kuta Swim Top and Botswana Swim Bottom


The BEST (And The Worst) Reasons to DIY

My name is Lindsay and I am a DIY—VA.

Most of my female friends notice something new every time they step through my front door—A ‘new’ chair, a ‘new’ lamp, curtains, sofa tables—it never ends. I pride myself in the quality of my DIY-ing and try to look at the pieces I already own, or those in a consignment/thrift shop with a deserving eye. There’s a good and a bad side to everything though, right? Well, here are mine:


I should note, that I do not go out of my wheelhouse when it comes to doing things myself. You will never find me playing with the breaker box trying to figure out how to install new lighting (although I want to), or touching any pipes, as I know I will only cause more harm than good.

— The BEST (And The Worst) Reasons to DIY

Giant 3D Umbrella Drinks & Short Shorts :: Summer Is Coming!

In my endless quest for eternal summer, I seem to have stumbled upon a giant, pink, umbrella drink with beach balls for ice cubes! If this drink doesn’t scream summer, I don’t know what does!

I had a lot of fun creating these vignettes of this 3D umbrella drink at different angles and then trying to get the right angle photo and photoshop myself into the compositions. It may not be perfect, but it’s a good start and test for what’s to come! Stay tuned for a lot more…


How will I ever get up there?!



Incase you need to know :: Hat—Billabong // Top—O’neill // Shorts—London Jean


Sketchbook Page—Coral Pattern Surfboard Design

Pretty, huh?


This coral pattern surfboard design was actually inspired by the color in my bedroom! I have been working on a few coral prints for some black frames to hang on the wall and I thought, ‘why not on a surfboard?’ I love how it looks. Still playful, but totally classy. I imagine this would make a pretty cool piece of ocean inspired art if it was produced and hanging in someone’s living room!



Check out more from the surfboard series :: follow the image link below!


Instant Coastal Office Makeover With These Accessories

I spend so much time in my home office that it is imperative to my productivity to keep it inspiring. For me, that usually means bringing outdoor elements in, particularly of the coastal variety! Here are a few cool pieces—coastal inspired & vintage—that I might need to pick up on my next trip state-side (especially that clock!)

1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6


Is that scotch in the photos with the coasters? Man, I wish it was Friday!


Sketchbook Page—Whimsical Jelly Fish T-Shirt


I love jelly fish—maybe not their stings, but I do love how calm they are in the water…elegantly floating along with a magical-like quality about them. I like the stylized sketch of this jelly fish and furthermore, really like the way it looks on a t-shirt.




Cool & Colorful 3D Low Poly Wave Designs

These colorful, low poly, wave designs came together as a result of combining this new tool and this tutorial. I love the color on the waves in the style frames and can’t wait to play more with this technique. I think I may try and do some ‘Crusin” posts like this and photoshop myself into the scene!






Print Of The Month :: Sick Day Poster Giveaway!

It’s Monday. Who wouldn’t have loved to call out sick today and instead of work, have themselves transported to a warm & sunny beach somewhere? Since ‘they’ are still working out the kinks for teleportation, I figured I would offer the next best thing. THIS PRINT!


Want to win this cool Sick Day Poster? It’s pretty easy and there are 2 different ways (make sure you follow all of the steps)!

1. Facebook ::
– ‘Like’ RadWorks Design Hut on Facebook
– Share this post to your account

2. Instagram ::
– Follow ME on Instagram
-‘like’ the photo of the Sick Day print
– in the comments section, Insta-tag a friend you think would like to win too!

Bonus—If you enter both ways, you double your chances to win the print shown here (sorry, guys, no frame), 16″ x 20″, delivered right to your doorstep!

You have until Thursday, May 15th to enter! I will announce the winner on Friday, May 16th. Good luck!

Cool 3D Typographic Ad Campaigns


With summer right around the corner I thought it would be fun to share some cool summer-inspired 3D typographic ad campaigns.

I love this NYC ‘Summer Streets’ campaign not just because I miss New York every day, but because it really gives you a sense of the city and what it offers, especially during the summer months. The detail is amazing! I adore the cage shown below holding the baseball bats and the basketballs. Brings me right back to Chelsea Piers and teeing off over the Hudson River! See the rest of this awesome project HERE.


How can you not love this Ray Ban campaign? It screams summer! There are a few different versions of these sunshine filled compositions—you can see the rest of them HERE. Hugely typographic, I love how the text has been anchored to keep consistent layouts with the summer time objects behind it.


Don’t you wish you had this toy record player when you were growing up?? I can only imagine what this would look like with motion involved. I am certainly not a dancer, but this cool 3D record player turned dance machine kind of makes me think that if I went to this camp that I might come out being one? Who wants to go?! Duncan Sham did an awesome job putting this project together.



Sketchbook Page—Water Color Lobster Tee Shirt…In Blue!

Seems that my hunger got the best of me this week while I was experimenting with sketches done from a combination of sharpies and water color. I fell in love with this lobster after I added the color to it. He didn’t seem like the ‘red’ type, so I went with blue! I liked the unexpected touch, he seems a little more playful and a little less like food. Although I am definitely really craving some Ed’s Lobster Bar now!!


I think I’ll try some more with this style next week!


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