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Coastal Inspired Living Room :: Blue Hue

My favorite room in the house is easily the coastal inspired living room! And it’s pretty easy to see why with that amazing view of the Bay and the huge yard (puppy??). I spend the most time in this room—even more than the office, thanks to my laptop. Since I spend so much time in here, I wanted to make sure that it was a good mix of cozy & stylish and of course, it needed to have some consistency with what is right outside of those French doors!

**I’m sorry for the lack of professional photos…One day**


I can count at least 6 things in this room from Orange Bay, and 6 things that I DIY’ed (including the sofa table, which I have already featured!)


These chairs are so versatile! You can sit in them and enjoy the view as they are, turn them around and watch a game of pool, or, they provide extra seating for a dinner party! These pillows are actually 2 gorgeous napkins that I sewed together with a zipper enclosure for easy cleaning. The napkins came from Island Trading.


I keep my yoga mat tucked behind my side table made of wine boxes for easy access to the patio. Perfect place to practice! PS—I painted that lamp, isn’t it cool?!


This rug, from ESC, is one of the pieces I splurged on, since I have no way to DIY one of those bad boys! I think it really has tied the elements in the room together successfully.


The subway roll signs were also a DIY project. I stretched the canvas onto frames, drew some lines in chalk as a guide and got to painting. Please note that the sign shown here is of no particular subway line in Toronto, just a random assortment of stops (cough cough…blame him…cough cough).


Coral Inspired Master Bedroom

Today, I finally present to you what my coral inspired master bedroom looks like! I have moved furniture pieces around from where they were in the old house, DIYed some things, made some new artwork and ordered new bedding all to bring this bedroom look together. I’m sure there will be some more evolution or more art work hung as time goes on, but for now, I wanted to share this coral bedroom inspired by the ocean out the front door!

I am still missing a few accessories, but rest assured, I will find the perfect ones!


Mirror & frames from Orange Bay!


The headboard & the lamp was a DIY. The lamp tutorial I found here. Bedding I got on MAJOR sale from Macy’s (Tommy Bahama)

**yes, that is a teddy bear…his name is Sammy G. and my Dear Old Dad gave him to me when I was 6. That makes him 24, and he is the coolest. He is named for this ship, which DOD was on in ’91. It brings back so many wonderful memories**


BTW—I used canvas strips for my lamp shades (not what is mentioned in tutorial), simply because that is what I had laying around


You might recognize this artwork from my last sketchbook post! Doesn’t it look good framed?!


Cool & Colorful 3D Low Poly Wave Designs

These colorful, low poly, wave designs came together as a result of combining this new tool and this tutorial. I love the color on the waves in the style frames and can’t wait to play more with this technique. I think I may try and do some ‘Crusin” posts like this and photoshop myself into the scene!






Print Of The Month :: Sick Day Poster Giveaway!

It’s Monday. Who wouldn’t have loved to call out sick today and instead of work, have themselves transported to a warm & sunny beach somewhere? Since ‘they’ are still working out the kinks for teleportation, I figured I would offer the next best thing. THIS PRINT!


Want to win this cool Sick Day Poster? It’s pretty easy and there are 2 different ways (make sure you follow all of the steps)!

1. Facebook ::
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– in the comments section, Insta-tag a friend you think would like to win too!

Bonus—If you enter both ways, you double your chances to win the print shown here (sorry, guys, no frame), 16″ x 20″, delivered right to your doorstep!

You have until Thursday, May 15th to enter! I will announce the winner on Friday, May 16th. Good luck!

DIY Sofa Table With Ocean Depth Map Artwork

I am so excited to reveal this sofa table which I DIY-ed using an old piece of outdoor furniture that I already had. The outdoor bar was getting no use, sitting in the yard, paint chipping and had horribly dirty glass. The ocean depth map art was inspired by my natural surroundings in Bermuda and the rest of the color scheme that I am implementing in my coastal living room.




Supplies for the sofa table shelf…


a blank slate…


part way through the ocean depth map art


Finished DIY sofa table in my living room!


And a close up of the ocean depth map shelf.




2nd Look // 22—Guest on Undeclared Panache!

I met Lauren Koster of Undeclared Panache back in NYC in June 2013 when we both attended ALT Summit and as fate would have it, sat down at the same table to stuff our faces with lunch! It took a few minutes for us to introduce ourselves as we were eating, but once we did, we chatted the entire time! Lauren is a fellow Vespa riding, Italy loving, DIY doing, hottie, and I was stoked when she asked me to guest post while she is on the most amazing vacation ever— An African Safari. Jealous much?

Check out the post about my life in Bermuda, a permanent vacation of my own on her blog! And check back for a guest post on RadWorks from Lauren!




New Waterfront House Photos!

I have definitely enjoyed the last 2 years in the house close to town, but I am SO, unbelievably excited about the move ‘out West.’ The house is considerably smaller, but newer and more manageable (I mean, I might actually be able to keep this one clean!). And, of course, there’s the view. The move to Southampton brings a dock, which equates to immediate access for paddle boarding in my mind!

And there is just something about this house. The molding, the colors of the walls, the afternoon sunlight that floods the living area…It is a little reminiscent of “Paradise East” (what my Momma calls her own home). So, the end of February marks the beginning of life at Coral Point and a new adventure in decorating! Stay tuned over the next few months to see these empty rooms transformed (ehh, hopefully!) into comfortable, tasteful rooms that compliment the island lifestyle that Bermuda offers!


Gas fireplace=no more mess! Who wants to visit??



Obligatory 30th Birthday Message


On Friday, October 11th, 2013, I turned 30. This is what I wrote to myself…

“I woke up this morning, I pinched myself, and I repeated. I was slightly confused. The morning began like every other. Wake up, roll over, smile, feel incredibly overwhelmed with happiness for all that is amazing in my life (which, if you ever visit this blog, you’ll notice is in fact a lot).

So why was I so confused?

Today is my 30th birthday. I thought, for some reason, that I should expect to feel sad, old, pick out grey hairs (okay, I might have done that) and mope around until everyone got off of work and it was time to go ‘celebrate’ this milestone birthday. Everyone (mostly females) attaches this giant stigma to the day. You waste time dreading its arrival for months and when the day comes you wonder why your boobs haven’t fallen to the floor and why your boyfriend still loves you. Earlier in the year I even had a male tell me that no matter what and no matter how happy you are with your life, 30 will depress you.

I hate to be that girl—actually, no, I’m happy to be that girl…I feel amazing. How can I be down in the dumps? My best friend is on island, I’m at the beach soaking in sun, I have dinner with wonderful friends tonight and I start a really cool, new project when I do have to open my computer and start working again. I’m alive and I FEEL alive. 

So, you know what—Happy Motha’ F$#^in’ Birthday to me!—I’m going to enjoy this one!”

Okay, I know not everyone lives on an island, and not everyone has the man of their dreams or the job of their dreams. I don’t have it all either…YET. I work hard, I make my own luck and I go for the things I want. I’m not always successful, but I try. Failing gets a lot easier with time, but SO DOES SUCCEEDING. Define success how you’d like (I’m not just talking with your career), there are so many different degrees. Things happen in life that set us back, but perseverance is a gift, one I am lucky enough to have (no, I didn’t get it for my birthday). 

I guess what I’m saying is, I’m happy I had a birthday, it has given me an opportunity to reflect, be grateful and to realize that what we allow is what will continue. I am allowing myself to kick ass and take names. What about you?

*Double bonus, It’s Canadian Thanksgiving and I have Canadian friends, which means turkey dinner! I am thankful for so many things that I have no problem celebrating two Thanksgiving Days!!



Mom’s 68th Birthday!

Today is my mom’s birthday! We all affectionately call her ‘Tassy’ (thanks for that one, Grandma!) Since she is one of the only people who check this blog on a regular basis (even though she doesn’t know what a ‘blog’ is), I wanted to make sure she got a special shout out. So, in the words of one of the greatest artists of all time…

“I love you maaaaaama,
more than than paaaastrama,
way more than Jeffrey Daaaahma,
even more than my NFL paaaaajamas”
-Adam Sandler

xxoo to the best momma in the world!




A Look At Freedom…

As we all pack our beach bags, put on our sun screen and head to our pool parties, beach parties, barbecues and favorite vacation spots to eat burgers &  probably a hotdog, some sort of red, white and blue trifle and lots and lots of beer, do we actually remember our freedom? It’s late in the afternoon, and I am writing this post from beautiful Bermuda, where I live.

At least once a day I remember how amazing my life is. I live in an amazing place, I have developed a career that I want and I have the most wonderful group of family & friends who support me in this life. WOW. Seriously…I have all of these things (and more) because I am free. Free to make my own decisions, free to own those decisions, free to enjoy, free to come and go as I please, free to be passionate, free to channel inner beauty, free to love uncontrollably, free to laugh so hard until I pee (what?), free to make mistakes, free to not wash my hair and let the salt water form perfect curls, free to stare out the window at my surroundings, free to go outside and experience them! Free to take a nap, free to stay up all night, free to run through a field, free to go cliff jumping, free to indulge in a whole bottle of wine, free to have a bon fire, free to swim in my pool naked, free to paddle board around an island, free to swim with sea turtles, free to challenge myself, free to challenge the status quo, free to travel the world, free to dedicate my time, free to meet new people, free to talk for hours with your best friend of 20 years, free to have a family, free to be positive, free to cry, free to paint each toe nail a different color, free to make my own art, free to be ME…Have you seriously ever really thought about all of the tiny, little things that make you smile, or enhance your life on a daily, weekly, yearly basis? Start doing it.

We are all granted freedom and generally speaking, we didn’t do much to earn it. As an American, I can not even begin to express my gratitude for all of the freedoms I am entitled to just by being born in our country, and don’t even get me started on how I would ever be able to fully express my deepest and sincerest thanks to our service men & women who have selflessly given their time, and some, their lives.

I have too many friends whose freedom was cut short for different reasons that I will not get into (as this is one of the longest posts I’ve ever written), but what I do know from experiencing these loses, is how much I’ve actually gained. I sport this tattoo on my wrist not only as a tribute to my fallen friends & loved ones, but as a reminder to myself that I am still here, I am still free.


What am I going to do with that freedom? I am going to choose to be happy, I am going to live my life and I am going to be me because I am lucky enough to have the freedom to do so.

Happy Independence Day. I hope those fireworks really set off some sparks!


ps. If you still don’t see it, it’s a conch shell with a heart opening and it says “listen.” Now go get some Roxette in your head


NYC Recap // Alt Summit & S.H.E. Summit

For me, last week was a whirlwind of a trip to NYC. From the moment I stepped off of the plane I remembered just how much I miss the vibrance & excitement of the Big Apple. There is so much culture, art, language, entertainment, creativity, love, passion, energy…and food…OHHHHH, THE FOOD! As I mentioned in a previous post, I attended S.H.E. Summit on Friday & Saturday, and on the following Thursday, spent the day at the Martha Stewart Headquarters (where I saw the Queen Bee herself!) for ALT Summit NYC. In between these 2 amazing events, I spent time with friends, former colleagues and mentors. I also managed to set up meetings with potential clients (Oh Snap!) and we are cooking up some killer collaborations!

Just wanted to share some links to a few of the places I visited while there!

1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9  |  10  |  11  |  12 |  13  |  14  |  15


Clearly I am afraid of uptown (but I DID venture up to see a few of my girls…Holla!)






Happy Bermuda Day!

Today is Bermuda Day! Which means,  a) I’m not working (hooray!) b) it’s the “official” start of summer and c) I get to drink prosecco before 10 am and I’m not considered a lush!

Here are a few images to wet your Bermuda palette and get some of you out here for a visit (cough, brother, cough cough). Have a safe & fun Bermuda Day!




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