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Giant 3D Umbrella Drinks & Short Shorts :: Summer Is Coming!

In my endless quest for eternal summer, I seem to have stumbled upon a giant, pink, umbrella drink with beach balls for ice cubes! If this drink doesn’t scream summer, I don’t know what does!

I had a lot of fun creating these vignettes of this 3D umbrella drink at different angles and then trying to get the right angle photo and photoshop myself into the compositions. It may not be perfect, but it’s a good start and test for what’s to come! Stay tuned for a lot more…


How will I ever get up there?!



Incase you need to know :: Hat—Billabong // Top—O’neill // Shorts—London Jean


Cruisin’ 13 // Spring Has Sprung!

Seems like all we’ve had lately is rain and HIGH winds, so you can imagine my excitement when we had an incredibly beautiful day last week, it probably hit 78! I enjoyed it thoroughly right before flying to the bitter cold of Chicago the next morning…

Now I just need my tan back!



Shop this look:


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Cruisin’ 12 // ‘Round Roma!

Rome. What an awesome city! Almost 10 years after studying abroad there, I was back and doing basically the same thing…Butchering the Italian language, drinking a lot of wine and running around, sitting my butt on every Vespa in the city!

Most of the Vespas in Bermuda are not more than 10 or so years old, but in Rome (and the rest of Italy for that matter) they had some OLD models. Models I was too afraid to sit on and take a picture with because I thought my newly acquired pizza/pasta/wine LBs would be a bit too much for them. Alas, I did manage a few fun photos (please note the ode to my forever favorite city on my shirt!)


A special thanks to Davide, an old friend from NYC for putting us up in his amazing B&B. Going to Rome? Stay HERE!

LISTEN UP…Most of these items are on SALE!! Check them out for more info!



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Cruisin’ 11 // Waiting For The Wind To Die

What do you do on those days when you just want an easy paddle, the days where you’re hoping to glide along with the eagle rays and the colorful fish, when the water is so clear and the sun is shining so brightly that you can see straight to the bottom…but all you get is wind. Choppy water. No good visibility.

I drove out to Harrington Sound over the long weekend with my board to find these conditions. I was a little bummed, the wind forecast didn’t seem to be that accurate, and I was exhausted from the night before and a long week of work. But, instead of crying over spilled milk (I mean honestly, look at where I am!), I hopped down to the dock (thanks, Jim!) and took out my book, soaked in the sunshine and enjoyed the warm rays slowly changing the shade of my skin. What an awesome morning it turned out to be!


Sheer comfort in all of this stuff! Love the Tee…matches my bike! Take it home…



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Cruisin’ 10 // New Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board!

I am sooooooo excited for my very early birthday present!! Last week I was HUGELY surprised with an inflatable paddle board, something I’ve been wanting and saving for all summer. A big thanks to my man for being so awesome and to Glenn at Island Winds, Bermuda, for helping BK pick out the best board for me! (which by the way is the Starboard Astro Blend Deluxe) I’ve already glided along with eagle rays, seen tons of fish and most definitely have gotten in some great work outs!




Cruisin’ 9 // Beach Day Outfit

This weekend was wonderful! We hosted the perfect guests and saw so much of the island. Thanks to LANDSHARK (not sure if anyone is paying attention, BUT I NAMED MY BIKE!!) for helping us get around easily…



Take home the outfit!



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Cruisin’ 8 // Headin’ West

I recently took a little ‘road trip’ out to the West End of the island. Like most days, it was beautiful! This sundress was the perfect bathing suit cover up and great for a long jaunt on the bike!


Bring the outfit home!


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Cruisin’ // 7—Off To St. George’s

Can you believe, in 2 and a half years, this past Saturday was my first time in St. George’s?! Jo and I had a blast rompin’ around shooting pics everywhere and making new friends!


Not only did we drive the wrong way down a one way road, but we just parked our bikes where ever we felt like it…


My Knicks tee (come on game 5!), daisy dukes and kicks were the perfect casual outfit for a gorgeous day like this! Find a few favorites to rock the look yourself, below!


tee  |  shorts  |  sunnies  |  watch  |  kicks


Cruisin’ // 6

I don’t normally post these twice in a row, but…IT’S 72 DEGREES OUT! I am itching to hop on the Vespa (I need a name for her/him) and head off to Horseshoe! In celebration, here is an outfit!



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Cruisin’ // 5

While my body may not be ready for summer (I am literally eating a croissant right now, no joke!), my mind certainly is (or AT LEAST spring, come on people!) This week in Charleston started with torrential downpours and thunderstorms and slowly faded to high winds and temperatures in the mid 50s. I was really hoping to show off some spring weather garb, but now I am just wishing for 80 degree temps and the warm, clear, turquoise waters of Bermuda! And wouldn’t this outfit be PERFECT for cruisin’ down to the beach…



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Crusin’ // 3—Out For Love

Although I’m in Charleston on Valentine’s Day, I still see Vespa’s everywhere and have passed dozens of bike shops. It just made me think of what I would be rockin’ if I was at home and heading downtown for, say, a sushi dinner at Pearl with my girls??!!

How are you spending Valentine’s Day?



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