The not so average documentation & photographs from bumming around Bermuda and other cool places

Explo:rad // Bring Back The Sunshine!

Summer is in NO way supposed to be over yet, but all we have had for nearly 3 weeks is rain! I am dying to get outside and play or be able to drive to town without getting drenched half way into the trip…

I think everyone could use a few of these photos as Tropical Storm Cristobal approaches, all we can expect is, well, mas lluvia!





Explo:rad // 13—Bermuda Snapshots

It’s winter. The days aren’t as nice as normal, so I haven’t taken as many photographs as usual. Here are a few from the last little while, here in Bermuda. Even when it’s overcast, windy, or raining constantly, it’s not hard to find the beauty in this little island.


please note: I did not write this in the sand…why I loved finding it so much!







Coral Point seems like a nice place, right? (can’t wait to finish moving into you NEW  HOUSE!)


Explo:rad // Photos from a Cabarete, Dominican Vacation

I’m glad to be home, but on days like today (gale force winds and pouring rain when you least expect it), I would much rather be back where it’s a little warmer and at least if I get caught in a rainstorm, I don’t have to go back to work. Let’s just say that if I can get back to Cabarete, DR soon, then I would be a very happy girl! The people are friendly and relaxed, you can walk along the beach to get your morning coffee and there is the most amazing Indian restaurant where you are required to eat with your hands! And if you’d like, your days can be spent lounging by the pool or on the beach or wind surfing/kite surfing!

A few more snapshots from the rest of the trip…


typical scene.



fresh fruit!



was loving how vintage these paintings felt!


Our “dining table” for the evening…right there on the floor (off of banana leaves of course)


Explo:rad // Cabarete, DR Holiday

It has been almost a year since I have been to one of my (new) favorite places in the world, Cabarete, Dominican Republic. If you like wind and/or water sports, this is a great place for you! And when the wind is dead, there is no shortage of things to do…I’m sure there will be more of Explo:rad to come from this trip! Stay tuned!!

cabarete_beach_house_dominican cabarete_full_moon_dominican_beach

a welcoming full moon…


I found Santa at my favorite Cabarete Bar…Mojitos! He filled my stocking—errr, belly— with rum!


pretty rad to see typography on a window that naturally follows the horizon line (geekin’ out!)


Explo:rad // Back in Bermuda :: Snapshots

Okay, so I’ve been back for almost 2 months now (with a quick trip to NYC and Florida in between), but it’s been so crazy that I am just now getting to post some of these photos. As the weather starts to fluctuate, I am not sure how far I’m going to want to be riding. Last night (57 degrees!), no joke, I wore a beanie under my helmet to keep my ears warm and wool gloves. I guess you could say in 3 years, I have acclimated!

These photos, taken over the last couple of weeks, were much warmer days, hitting about 75!






Explo:rad // The Island of Capri :: Snapshots

I am one of the lucky people in the world who has been fortunate enough to travel to the Island of Capri on more than one occasion, however, it has been a long time! About 7 years ago, I went with my big brother, Alan, and we had an awesome time. Probably 10 years ago I went with one of my best friends, Alex and we ran around drinking and getting into trouble as we were not of legal drinking age in the US yet!

This trip was not that much different, except for the age thing! Not much seemed to have changed, as the island is just as beautiful as ever. It continues to be a place for relaxation and enjoying the scenic compositions and the company of those around you.

Here are a few snaps from the day trip…I think the chair lift technology has been updated since my last trip as it seemed a little more stable!




Nastro Azzuro Ad?




Explo:rad // Wine Country (My New Nation)

One nation under wine…

No, I’m kidding (sort of). I have had copious amounts of wine on this trip and it has all been delicious, which I pretty much expected. BUT. The second I stepped out of the car and into the tasting room, “good” wine took on a whole new meaning. Countless wineries and tastings later, tons of bottles purchased (one just because I had to stop SOMEWHERE to pee), I have mastered the phrase “possiamo gustare del vino” (thank god because my friends—sorry guys—were useless Italian speakers…except Frances, who managed at least to get the accent down, “one-a hundred…pear-cent…san gioveseeeeee”).

The point is, I had been looking forward for so long to going to Tuscany, and I am so happy that I finally did, and was also very, very sorry to leave. I cried…tears of wine.




First one of the most amazing, unrestricted views of a sunset I have ever seen…


And down the mountain for an insanely bright, full moon over an endless sea of grapes!

**(If you ever get to go, stop in Panzano and go see Stefano at Accademia del Buon Gusto, you will NOT be disappointed!)




Explo:rad // Rovinj, Croatia Snapshots

Oh my gosh! I saw pictures, but I just don’t think I believed just how beautiful Croatia would be. Stunning. We attended a wedding in Rovinj and it was quite possibly the coolest & most fun wedding of the century (sorry to all of my other friends, but it’s true). The history and the culture was so rich and as you can see from these select photos, the city is nothing short of incredible…






I even got yelled at when I tried to take this picture of the dog with the red collar that matched the sweet little red table. She asked me what I’m going to do with the picture when I get home. If ONLY she would somehow stumble across this post! Here’s hoping…


And this one, just because we looked so fantastic!


a few more from a different Croatian village…



Explo:rad // Venezia Snapshots

A few more photos than usual today as I had a hard time choosing what to show! Everything from the still waters, to a Venezian rainbow to our row instructor (by far the highlight of the time in Venice, definitely a MUST do!)

In Tuscany right now, so please forgive any spelling errors due to wine overload!









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