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Pen Cap Post Productions :: Branding

It is always a pleasure to reconnect with former colleagues and getting back in touch with Kristen & John (both former ESPN colleagues) of Pen Cap Post Productions was certainly no different! We originally were discussing potential collaborations in the form of motion graphics, but when they asked me about my branding & website capabilities, we hit the ground running.

Below are the different versions of their new logo and soon I will be able to share their new website! I look forward to helping them display their rad work in a beautiful, user friendly format…stay tuned!




New York Knicks 2013/14 Arena Graphics

I must admit, I have been a little slack on putting together a sizzle reel for the arena graphics I did in the Fall for the NY Knicks. Mainly because I was trying to figure out a way to display the work on Madison Square Garden’s NEW GardenVision (their jumbotron, for those of you who are unfamiliar). Well, I couldn’t do it, so, alas, here is a short cut of graphics you would have seen last season. AND, stay tuned, as I have more projects that are similar booked down the line!



Bold Man & The Sea Vintage Hawaii Print

Creating custom, vintage style, travel posters is one of my favorite past times these days, and designing this Hawaii one was certainly fun! The process of doing these, for me, evokes nostalgia and relaxes me, almost like I am being transported back in time into these scenes. This custom print was created specifically for Bold Man & The Sea, who I believe shares similar philosophies on what life should be like & traveling. Bold Man, I hope you enjoy the print as much as I loved bringing it to life!


This print will not be for sale, but you can contact me if you are interested in having one of these bad ass posters made for you, your home or your business!


Bermuda Classic Coral Beach Wedding Invitations

I love when my friends get married! And I also love that they ask me (Wined & Designed) to be a part of setting the tone for their day by creating custom wedding invitation suites. This Bermuda classic Coral Beach wedding invitation suite was no different, done for the wonderful, Rebecca & Colm (Rebecca, a fellow entrepreneurial & spirit and owner of TABS). Even though I have to *sigh* miss the wedding, a little part of me will be their in the design of their wedding paper goods.

Have an amazing day, guys! Much love.

To see more invitations, vintage posters & video save the dates, visit Wined & Designed!










Chicago Bulls “See Red” Playoff Video

When the Chicago Bulls called me up last week to see if I could provide extra support to prep them for the 2014 NBA Playoffs, I naturally did not turn them down. Not only was I excited to be collaborating with two former colleagues, but I was thrilled to get to expand my clientele with such a classic franchise. The Bulls provided me with a great video edit of their mascot, Benny The Bull, running past well known Chicago landmarks. I, then, had to take that footage and ‘paint the town red’! My Easter weekend was shot with endless hours of rotoscoping, but it was a fun project and I have a new song stuck in my head!

Thanks Michelle & Emily! Look forward to the next project!!


Panasonic Cafe Digital Signage & Animations

As recently as this week I completed some work via MediaPlace for the Panasonic Avionics division. This division of the well known company is geared around customer experience & the entertainment you see when you fly a commercial airline (who knew, right?). The Hangar Cafe is now open and serving these hard working people on the daily and they have no clue that some girl in Bermuda created all of the digital signage, menus & welcome animations that are up and running on a constant loop.

Here are some style frames from the welcome animations. Really fun and very different from my usual projects!





I’m not even sure I’m supposed to be posting this work yet, so, shhhh, don’t tell anyone!


Bright Colored, Gold Foil, Indian Wedding Invitations

What a mouthful! But how else would you describe these?? I’ve been crazy busy with some contract work and traveling, but what better way to come back from a few days off the blog than with these babies?


I’m not sure if I’m more excited for Shubha’s wedding, or for these amazing invitations (patting self on back)! There is nothing better than a client that truly trusts you to create something, and about the only requirement Shubha had was that she REALLY wanted to incorporate gold foil on a budget. Regardless of the number of inserts, different sizing, and cultural elements that needed to be included, we put our heads together and used only ONE die to create these foils, keeping costs low. I adore the result. They are making me very happy. And it will make me even more happy to see these two live happily ever after!

PS—If you missed this cool couple’s save the dates, shame on you! Just kidding! You can check them out HERE.


Thanks, Shubs, for letting me be a part of your special day. Love you BIG time! xxoo


RadWorks Rumors // 39—3D & The Past Few Weeks

I have been working very hard over the past few weeks to get together a reel to showcase 3D motion graphics work. Not. Easy. But seriously, so much fun! I have certainly had my fair share of arguments with my computer, lots of coffees at 10pm and naps at my desk while rendering projects, but I am very excited to release so much cool stuff. Here are some stills of some of the works in progress, as well as the mindless things I’ve done to keep myself sane (ie—Which Golden Girl Are You? Quiz, thank you, Dawn, for sending me such a blessing)

Reel to be released next week! (I hope)




Unique Mehndi Temporary Tattoo Save The Dates

I can’t believe that my dear friend, Shubha, is getting married!! And to an awesome dude, at that (thanks Ajay, for taking her off of our hands 😉 ) In all seriousness, Shubha is one of the coolest chicks I know — she is cheerful, her energy is contagious,  and she is completely nuts (seriously, she made us try out for the Knicks City Dancers once!)…one of those where if you’re around her, you know you’re always going to have a great time — So when she asked me if there was any way I could help do her wedding stationery, I jumped at the chance. The best part, she and Ajay let me talk them into doing something a little unconventional!

When you first open the royal blue envelopes, everything appears like a traditional save the date, an incredible photo of the couple (thanks to their photographer) and all of the necessary information displayed in a cool design done with a nod to their Indian culture. But flip it over…A custom designed, Mehndi style, temporary tattoo to help get guests in the spirit for their upcoming nuptials. Shubha requested a circular design and we incorporated a little hidden message of “Ajay (hearts) Shubha” within (messages like these, I have been told, are often done in the Mehndi an Indian bride will wear on her wedding day).

Visit my stationery site: Wined & Designed!


Hope you loved them and I can’t wait to start on your actual invitations!!



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