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Metallic Gold & Red Branding Elements for Masterkey Bermuda

One of the best clients I have ever worked with was Sharika Tucci of Masterkey Bermuda. She was so diligent and timely, she even sent annotated pdf documents with corrections on them. She loved every idea presented to her and was totally stoked when the idea of metallic printing came up! Check out some of the shots of her new branding, including stationery, promotional folders and a brand, spankin’ new website!






Sugar Skull Cinco De Mayo Gig Style Poster

In honor of Sunday’s Mexican Holiday that everyone else in the world uses as an excuse to drink lots of cerveza and eat tons of guacamole (including myself), I am sharing an OLD project, but a fun one! I believe another ‘palooza of some sort needs to happen soon! Until then, Happy Cinco De Mayo!




**This was an epic party, on the harbour, in Bermuda, live music, tons of food & beer, I met one of my best friends (shout out to Jo Jo) and I believe I snapped out of being a silly girl in regards to my amazing man (BK, I’m sure you’re NOT reading this, but if you are….xoxo)

Feliz Viernes a Todos!!!


Bermuda Monetary Authority New Websites & Brochures

While working with an agency in Bermuda, I had the opportunity to collaborate with the marketing team at the BMA (Bermuda Monetary Authority). They were producing a small campaign that they dubbed “Know Before You Go,” which was formulated to help the general public easily access consumer information. The collateral was to be fun, interactive & approachable, while retaining the BMA’s branding. The brochure and the website are shown here. (Visit the KBYG site HERE)


I was also lucky enough to get to work on the redesign of the BMA’s actual website. Finding the best way to organize and house all of that information was a challenge. Check it out here!




Visual Language & Poster For Arts Program

This is an old project, but still relevant. The Cedar Bridge Academy requested a look & feel to support their Theater Arts program, while this was not the final design, it has a great leg to stand on and could have made for a very interesting and refreshing look with each new production the school put on.


The icons created for each production are layered shapes to represent the depth of the plays but also just how much goes into these productions.




SCAD MOME Grad School Recap & Work (e)

Okay, last one, I PROMISE! But I thought this was fitting, seeing as this week we had the first official day of Spring (even though it did not feel like it!). Project: Design an original typeface…This might just be the girliest thing I have ever designed (even with all of the wedding invitations!)


My brother had a baby girl last April, and I used Paisley to create some original wall art for her nursery. You can get yours for your favorite little one HERE.




SCAD MOME Grad School Recap & Work (d)

Only a few more projects left to feature. This is probably my favorite that I worked on while completing my coursework at SCAD, a redesign of film titles…the movie was my choice. Naturally, I wanted to use something that I was very familiar with and Happy Gilmore won the draw. View it below!

Happy Gilmore Opening Credits: Reinvented from lindsay amerault on Vimeo.

RIP Stompin’ Tom Connors, who provided this wonderful song track


SCAD MOME Grad School Recap & Work (c)

I’m sure by now most of you have read The Blind Side or at least seen the movie (Sandra Bullock did win an Oscar for it!). Well, what Michael Lewis doesn’t know is that this book actually got me reading again. I picked it up in the airport one day ONLY because it had a football player on the front and God knows how much I love football! It took a few months for me to actually pick it up and read it, but when I did, I flew threw it! I loved it! I think I’ve read almost every Michael Lewis book since then, even the ones about money–which of course, having none of that, I don’t understand…

The point here is that The Blind Side had such an impact on me that it actually inspired this project for SCAD, whose project parameters were to design a book jacket. The jacket is blind embossed on the front and de-bossed on the back. Really quite amazing to hold in  your hand. Luckily, the company I was working for at the time (MSG) had amazing relationships with printers and they actually were kind enough to create the plates and print about 50 samples for me!


I actually have my version of the book jacket around my copy of the book on my shelf.


SCAD MOME Grad School Recap & Work

Now that I have completed my Masters with SCAD, I wanted to go back and share a few of my favorite projects from my coursework!

This project was from my typography class. I believe the instructions were to create a 4 paneled piece that communicated a message. Very vague, I know. I chose a tote bag (which I made myself from canvas) to promote recycling and help tell the story of plastic and it’s life span (particularly how it lives in our oceans)–which is pretty much forever. To learn more about plastics and the effect they have on our oceans, go here.




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