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Wined & Designed :: Art Deco Letterpress Wedding Invitations

My best friend of 25 years got married a few weeks ago. Crazy! Looks like hers were the first in a looooong line of wedding invitations I will be designing for friends. Some want Cuisinarts, fine china and money…and since I can’t afford any of those things yet, I gift my time & what talent I have. And lucky for me, I get the return of happy, gracious friends and, bonus, a portfolio piece!!

Thanks to Brei Stevenson at Cucumber Press for letter pressing these bad boys!

Visit my stationery site: Wined & Designed!




The First RadWorks Design Hut Post

It’s official. The VERY FIRST POST! If it weren’t for a sabbatical from work, I may never have been posting this! I hope you (if there are any of you) enjoy this, as I know I will! Bare with me as content evolves!!






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