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Sketchbook Page—Red Mermaid

After my short sabbatical, I decided to pair down the amount of post types I “write.” I am focusing only on the ones I truly enjoy creating content for in an effort to post daily and actually produce good work. I am happy to say that the Sketchbook Pages are here to stay. And for today, a mermaid. I am pretty sure I would LOVE to wear this t-shirt if it existed!




Sketchbook Page—Tropical Fish Inspired Surf Board

Well it has been a little too long since I put something in my sketchbook, so I figured what better way to get into it than a nice tropical fish inspired surf board design?! This blue & green (or is it yellow?) design was inspired by this little guy.

 Just got back from a paddle and saw a few more cool fish I might have to put onto paper too!


Some detail for you…




Sketchbook Page—Geometric Shape Beach Art

I have been experimenting with different types of art projects around the house so I don’t end up with printed canvas after printed canvas (although if you like art work printed on canvas, you should check out our print shop). The last few weeks were water color and this week I decided to work with simple geometric shapes to create objects, like this sunshine and beach umbrella. They are now proudly hanging below the tide clock.

This project would be easy to recreate, just sketch out your main image first and then break it down into smaller geometric shapes, color with sharpie and hang!



See me?



Sketchbook Page—Coral Pattern Surfboard Design

Pretty, huh?


This coral pattern surfboard design was actually inspired by the color in my bedroom! I have been working on a few coral prints for some black frames to hang on the wall and I thought, ‘why not on a surfboard?’ I love how it looks. Still playful, but totally classy. I imagine this would make a pretty cool piece of ocean inspired art if it was produced and hanging in someone’s living room!



Check out more from the surfboard series :: follow the image link below!


Sketchbook Page—Whimsical Jelly Fish T-Shirt


I love jelly fish—maybe not their stings, but I do love how calm they are in the water…elegantly floating along with a magical-like quality about them. I like the stylized sketch of this jelly fish and furthermore, really like the way it looks on a t-shirt.




Sketchbook Page—Water Color Lobster Tee Shirt…In Blue!

Seems that my hunger got the best of me this week while I was experimenting with sketches done from a combination of sharpies and water color. I fell in love with this lobster after I added the color to it. He didn’t seem like the ‘red’ type, so I went with blue! I liked the unexpected touch, he seems a little more playful and a little less like food. Although I am definitely really craving some Ed’s Lobster Bar now!!


I think I’ll try some more with this style next week!


Sketchbook Page—Colorful Fish Designed Surfboard

I keep drawing more surfboard designs and I realize how large my collection would be if they were actually manufactured. Today’s colorful, fish patterned, surfboard sketch is of the tropical variety. With so many great places to snorkel in Bermuda, the inspiration for this fish patterned surfboard series is endless!


Scroll down to the next image to see a little more of the sketch, as well as some details from the colored pencil drawing. Ohhhh, too much fun!


Sketchbook Page—Ocean Inspired Sketch


I can’t seem to stop drawing waves, whales, fish, sunshine and shells! I guess that’s okay, since I like all of those things so much. For this composition, I was inspired by something I saw on Instagram the other day (my preferred social media outlet!) Enjoy this week’s sketch!


Sketchbook Page—My Heart Is Out At Sea


Today’s sketch is directly related to how I am feeling TODAY. My heart is out at sea most days, but today, it is way, way out there off the horizon line, basking in the sunshine and soaking up that salt air. I can’t tell you what it is about the ocean and what it does to me, how it makes me feel, how it can instantly calm any nerves, fears, worries, but it does, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Today, my heart it definitely out at sea.




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