pages from the ol’ sketchbook

Sketchbook Page—Illustrated Sea Shells

I obviously have a thing for the ocean and water in general. Sea shells to me are a big part of that. They are a beautiful and natural representation of the water when you can’t be right there with it. As I prep for a weekend full of DIY projects at the new place, I wanted to make sure I could actually draw the shells that I plan on painting onto some of my lamps!



Sketchbook Page—Hand Drawn Type

These were some words of wisdom that I desperately needed to keep me going last week. I decided to sketch them as a mental break and to regain my composure. It’s not always easy, but when it’s not, it’s good to remember things like this. Thanks to Bassam for always giving me that push!




Sketchbook Page// Superheroine Surf Board Design: Aqua Girl

I honestly would like to have this surf board! It seems natural that Aqua Girl would be next in this series. I found some discrepancies in Aqua Girl’s outfits over the years, so I picked the one I liked the best. I can’t be sure, but I think Aqua Girl would really like this blue hued board with some gold accents.



and the finished board…




Sketchbook Page// Wonder Woman Surf Board Design

Since listening to Beyonce’s performance at the Grammy’s, I have had ‘Drunk In Love’ in my head for days. Especially the “surfboard” lyrics. I realize she is referring to something totally different, but since the word is stuck in my head, I decided to do a little sketching…

I think I might start a whole Heroine series like this. What do you think?



any requests??



Sketchbook Page // Me & The Sea—Hand Drawn Type

I always have admired the art of hand lettering, and it’s certainly something I’ve never been very good at. Recently I was introduced to this Skillshare Class, and a discount, so I figured, ‘why not?’ I have not completed the class, much less really followed any rules, BUT, I think the important thing is that I have been practicing??

I have a feeling I will be trying several variations of this phrase, as it’s one of my favorites. Have a look at the first go around!




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