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So Impressive // 15—Designer Fund

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As I continue conducting research for RadWorks Women, I discover a huge breadth of projects going on out in the world that are design related. Believe me, there is some very impressive stuff! While I love this blog, and I absolutely love designing…there is something about the intrinsic value that design for social good brings to the table. This is what has inspired me with RWW, and it truly tickles me to see how it affects others.

The Designer Fund has a mission; help designers create businesses with meaningful impact. Our community gives angel funding, mentorship, and connections to entrepreneurial designers. They believe that more designers should take the path of entrepreneurship and solve deep problems with technology. Through their research they have found systemic issues including a lack of entrepreneurial design education, successful peers who serve as role models and capital resources. Additionally, they believe that companies can be more successful if design, engineering and business talent collaborate from the beginning.

I know. Wow.

You can imagine how pleased I was to also see & read about Origins and Women In Design. Both orchestrated by Designer Fund and focusing on none other than…Women in Design! Can’t wait to delve deeper in to their content! Go look, NOW! (even if it’s just for the rad info graphic!!)




So Impressive. // 14—The 50/50 Initiative

I love my industry and I love my work. I also love that I am a strong & independent woman, raised by parents & brothers who instilled confidence and strength in me from an early age. I, unfortunately, know many women who are not as lucky (for one reason or another, their confidence is lacking and is reflected in the way that they approach their work environments). I am in no way saying that their talent is not mirrored in their work, but perhaps, that they are not treated as they should be in the workplace, or don’t have the courage to negotiate a higher salary, etc.

I am currently working on a project, some of you know about, called RadWorks Women. RWW will be an online community and support system for women in creative fields looking for inspiration, reassurance, advice, etc. A place where we can all encourage and help one another in our creative endeavours. Over the next few months, I will be sharing the progress of the project and asking for input.

In the mean time, I wanted to share THIS initiative, put together by The Art Director’s Club, called The 50/50 Initiative. While our missions are different, they are certainly intertwined and very important. Sign the online petition if you can and help bring awareness to this subject. And watch the video below!

So Impressive. // 13—How To Leave A Small Town

If you are at all like me and have a million and one projects to juggle, no matter how much self motivation you may have, it’s likely that you need a little bit of a push every once in a while. Although there are only 3 podcasts published in this series at the moment, “How To Leave A Small Town,” with Antonio Neves is just jam packed with things you need to hear and small, attainable, action items to get you to pick your butt up off the couch and take the necessary steps towards achieving your goals…no matter how small or grandiose those goals may be.


He is so quotable, I think you may see a few of his words thrown onto a Patterns In Crime desktop in the near future…”Take one deliberate step today…and another one tomorrow”

Listen to these podcasts HERE!

Thanks, Antonio, for supporting us all!


SO IMPRESSIVE. // 12—The Ignition Lab, Well Worth The Investment

Back in early December, I traveled to Nicaragua for The Ignition Lab (It’s a 5-Day, all-inclusive, international immersion for 6 unique individuals looking to transform their side hustle from something they’re trying to do, into something that works). I know I did a short post about this previously to let you know what I was up to, but I had no idea that it would change my life. No lie. It’s not often that you apply for something on a whim and expect your investment to have such an immense return.

This time was different. I felt something, I was connected, I was inspired, I was overall in a place personally where I new I needed to let life happen and accept that my talent, my ambition and my passion could really take me somewhere. I applied for TIL, knowing that it would be amazing, that I would meet some great people, learn invaluable approaches to business and have an adventure in a new country.

The Ignition Lab was so. much. more.

Here I am, 9 months later and I can’t stop! Seriously…I’ve had my moments of weakness, some down days, but not many. I have spent the last 9 months hurling myself into the positive thinking that I will not be broke for much longer, I am really good at what I do and I am soooo ready to capitalize off of that. I work, and I work some more, and I research and I introduce myself to people, I get rejected, I get hired, I get compliments, I get critiques…I always had the passion, I always had the drive, what I was lacking was focus and some like-minded support. On a regular basis I am in contact with Bassam & Antonio, creators of The Ignition Lab, and still correspond with the rest of the participants via email (however, I’m sure if I was still living in NYC, some of us would all see each other frequently)

I guess my point is Invest. Invest your time, invest your passions, invest  your help, invest your money, invest TODAY to invest in your future. I’m certainly not getting any younger (more awesome, perhaps?? ehhh??), and I can happily shout from the rooftops that, 2 months before my BIG 3-0, I am very well on my way to success (as I define it.)

Thank you Bassam, Antonio, Kiersten, Talia, Asher, Kate, & Renita for making my experience so amazing!

It doesn’t look like there’s much “work” being done in these pictures, but trust me, going out on these adventures got us all thinking more clearly & creatively! 

So Impressive. // 11—SHE Summit 2013

This past Friday & Saturday I had the extreme pleasure of attending SHE Summit NYC. The SHE stands for “She Helps Empower,” and I can’t even begin to describe how empowered I felt over those two days and how it has been rushing through my veins since then. Claudia Chan carefully curated a group of over 40 amazing, intelligent, successful, women to speak about everyday issues relating to women. I hope that every woman has the chance to visit her website and take advantage of the vast knowledge & inspiration that is offered, and, if you are anything like me, feel compelled to do something…whether that something is for yourself, or continues along Claudia’s charge of empowering other women.


For myself, I have an idea, rather lofty, but not impossible. I would like to do something similar in nature to what Claudia is doing with, however, focused on women in the design world. Yet another male dominated industry, with which we could all benefit from a little female encouragement. Stay tuned, as RadWorks Women is already in its fledgling stages!


SO IMPRESSIVE. // 10—Protect Our Waves


Just go HERE to sign the petition to PROTECT OUR WAVES. Below is a little of the literature from the page, in case you need another reason to sign:


The aim of SAS‘s Protect Our Waves petition is to generate at least 100,000 signatures to highlight the value of surfing waves and locations to the UK government and encourage MPs to debate legislation in order to recognise the importance of waves as a cultural, social, economic and environmental asset to coastal communities.

SAS believes that waves and surf spots deserve to be seen as part of UK heritage and should be afforded greater recognition and protection through debate and legislation.

By signing the Protect Our Waves petition: “I am calling on Parliament to debate the economic and intrinsic value of UK surfing waves and beaches, and produce specific legislation to protect these unique, finite assets for this and future generations.”


SO IMPRESSIVE. // 9—Gnarcade

I realize that Gnarcade is over 2 years old, but I continuously find myself coming back to it for sheer entertainment, for motivation and for reference. Is there anything the guys at Knife Show can’t do? Two words: AWE. SOME.



SO IMPRESSIVE. // 8—Caps Off To Me!

Today, I toot my own horn…Because-I have completed my Masters Degree! I, after 5 long years, officially can say that I have a Master of Arts in Broadcast Design & Motion Graphics from Savannah College of Art & Design! Since most of you probably don’t know what “Broadcast Design & Motion Graphics” is, I wanted to share with you my demo reel. Enjoy!

RadWorks Studios reel 2013 from lindsay amerault on Vimeo.

*To celebrate, I will likely be drinking an entire bottle of Prosecco and dancing around the town!


Go Forth // A Life Charge

As I prepare to bury myself in personal projects and work this weekend, I realized I needed a little “pump me up.” The thing is, I’ve always accomplished more when I have more on my plate, my time management skills seem to appear out of no where and latch themselves to me until I eventually burn out. Today, I watched this video. I imagine about 100 of those plays on YouTube are from me, as I often go back to it. Yes, it’s motivational, it implores me to do my best, to make the most of ‘me’ and do it the way I want to, but something else happens when I see this video. I am reminded of where I live, the friends I have around me and my family back in the States. Navigating through passion projects is one of the most rewarding things, especially at the end when I can say “I DID IT!,” but, it is even more satisfying when my dear friends, whom I have leaned on for support when I need a boost, can be proud and revel in the moment with me.

This isn’t a New Year’s Resolution, it’s a Life Resolution. Do what you love, do it well and share it with those who make you, you, those who make you better.

Go Forth.


SO IMPRESSIVE. // 6—Surfing Through Life

There is little I can add to this article from the Behance blog. It’s inspiring, it’s helpful, it hits home in more ways than one. It makes me want to do the following things—right now— in no particular order…

succeed, go surfing, try harder, cross off things on my ‘to do’ list, dive in—head first, get on the water, help someone, be vulnerable, be great, fail at something and learn from the failure, think BIG, put myself out there, maybe surf some more?

original image by Barry Tuck, found here.


The Ignition Lab :: JUST DO IT!

Have you ever wanted to combine a weekend getaway with the chance to create and seize more opportunities towards your goals than you could possibly imagine? Have you ever wanted to do work in a beachfront hacienda in a foreign country instead of your local coffee shop? Have you ever wished you could be surrounded by a small group of people who are there to support you in full force?

This is the basic idea behind The Ignition Lab. When I read a Facebook post on Bassam’s wall pointing out the deadline to apply to this genius opportunity, I thought 2 things. A)  How do I get involved, and B) How am I only now seeing this?! At the lab, He and Antonio Neves will facilitate a 4-day experience for 6 individuals who are looking to further explore and/or develop their project(s). It will include workshops, intense focus, co-working, idea evaluation, accountability, fun, exercise and ultimately taking action.

  • If you know me, you know that I always have something on. Currently it’s finishing my masters degree, working part time for an advertising agency and trying to build a business. I have a few things on the docket for 2013 (scary, only a few more months!) and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to light a fire and begin the process of seeing these ideas come to fruition.
  • I am so thrilled that I get to be a part of something so collaborative. I can’t wait until November 29th. Bring on the challenges, the frustrations, the debates, the fun, the insight, and hopefully, if we’re all lucky–The reward!
  • These gorgeous photos of San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua, were borrowed from here, here & here. Thank you!
  • **If you want to be a part of The Ignition Lab in the future, you can sign up to be updated here (doooooitttttttttttt)
  • so_impressive

We Are Lucky.

I say this to myself almost every day, and the days that I don’t, I am still thinking it. We Are Lucky is one man’s attempt to give back to the world through others. Read a few of these stories. The acts of kindness can really blow you away. You have to imagine my surprise when I saw a few stories about Bermuda (this one too)! What a small world.



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