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When I was little, I used to collect stickers, it didn’t matter what was on them I would put them EVERYWHERE! My mother says even my baby calendar had stickers that you would put on a date to signify “baby’s first X” but I ruined it because somehow I got a hold of it and put those things all over that calendar!

This experiment was definitely cool! I have a colorful home, but this brings that phrase to a whole new meaning! I certainly enjoyed seeing the progression here!

Thanks Thisiscolassal & Yayoi Kusama for sharing such a cool project.


SO IMPRESSIVE. // 3—Candy Chang

The project became so popular in communities in the US that foreign cities requested it be brought to them.

Candy Chang is one brilliant lady, do yourself a favor and read all about her. Below is one of her projects, called “Before I Die.”

Before I Die” was an experiment Candy came up with after the death of someone close to her. It’s simple in concept, but such a wonderful way to draw attention to your inner desires, thoughts and aspirations along with a great way to relate to those in the community. I imagine it would be a humbling experience to stand in front of this wall and read all of the very personal messages.

Candy has other interesting projects that may be seen HERE.



OK. Seriously, this has got to be my new best friend. How many unorganized folders do I have on my computer full of beautiful imagery and inspiration sources…countlessssssssss…This allows you to collect all of the images, videos, etc that you want from the web and store them in your “gimme bar.” NO MORE FOLDERS ON YOUR HARDDRIVE!

Go try it out!

The people of “Gimme Bar” are genius! I tip my hat, sirs.



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**Note, Radworks no longer uses a theme by WP Shower, but they still have totally awesome work!


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