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Too Good // Summertime Styleframes

Nothing says summer like a good pair of flip flops. And although we seem to be at the end of our rope here in Bermuda, I am still convinced that after this hurricane passes the sun will shine for at least the entirety of September! Here’s hoping…And here are some amazing pieces of work from very talented Mograph artists featuring the icon of summer :: the flip flop.



above from Radoxist Studio



above from Hello Tello


Too Cool Surf Shop Branding

The design nerd in me is often very apparent, but when I saw these self-initiated projects for non-existent surf shops, I geeked out a little bit. Both of these cool surf shop projects are both very comprehensive examples of brand integration and I love the use of textures to create pattern, the pops of color and am stoked to see some blind embossing on the Against The Grain project…swoooooooon


Against The Grain :: Jen Gilecki


Tyde Surfboards :: Giulia Marconi



Cosmopolitan’s “Misfit Right In” Spot

In honor of my week in fabulous Las Vegas, I thought I would share one of my favorite commercials right now. The Cosmopolitan “Misfit” commercial is eye catching, bold and has an awesome beat to it. Most people don’t watch live TV too often, including myself, but any time this :30 spot comes on at the beginning of a commercial break, I can’t help but be mesmerized. A good example of not over-engineering something, this is just plane excellent!


Very Cool, Very Detailed & Illustrated Gig/Film Poster

These two illustrated posters have so many awesome details! I can’t stop looking at them! From the hand drawn type on one to the half-tone on the other, they are just too cool. I also wanted to show them together because of their common theme. Although they are both conceptually similar with their information displayed as a large tattoo spanning an entire back, they are still so stylistically different. I love both approaches to these posters.

The Lollapalooza poster below was done by Alvaro Arteaga, of Chile. You can see the whole project here and more of his work here.


Donough O’Malley is behind the awesome, illustrated & screen printed film festival poster below. The film festival was surf themed, so naturally, I love it even more. Check out the whole project here and more of Donough’s work, here.




Great Book Design Examples

It takes a special kind of designer to get books right. There is so much that goes into them; page after page, tons of typography to consider. I am always impressed, especially when I see really cool or innovative book designs. Here are a few really cool ‘books.’ Some traditional, some not.

The Plastic Ocean project by Lisa Claire Stewart speaks to me, as I did my masters thesis project (and a few others) on the ever growing population of plastic in our oceans. I couldn’t seem much of El Viaje, but enough to know that I’d like to see more! I can tell that I am into the style of the paper cut outs on the cover with little details of pattern work. I LOVE Kay Solley’s artistic interpretation of her Blue. The mixed media combined with the whimsical water color strokes are simply gorgeous. As a motion graphics nerdo, you know this Havaiana’s piece is really checking me right in my gut. It is making me want to start on a stop motion piece RIGHT MEOW. Truly awesome, and so happy that a “making of” video is shown so everyone knows just how time consuming and difficult work like this is!




Awesome Ocean & Surf Illustrations

Considering I’ve been trying to dive back into my sketchbook lately, I’ve been looking at a lot of different illustration styles. I love the Whimsy & playfulness of Alejandro’s work-a not so subtle reminder of how to live your life. The detail in Monez’s, Ocean Man, is just plain awesome and Paulo’s, Surfer, makes me want to do just that (although wet suit required in this nippy water!)


Check out more of their RAD work HERE, HERE & HERE.


Too Good Design // Awesome Board Designs

After arriving in the Dominican Republic and seeing an endless seascape of kiters, surfers and wind surfers (and if the wind is dead, paddle boarders!), my love of board design has been rekindled. If I had a dream job (let’s face it, I have about 18 of those), it might just be designing boards. I don’t mean designing their shape, because I don’t know enough about that, but literally, the patterns & graphics that make some of those out in the water so distinct that you are instantly jealous of their too-cool-for-school-ness (mmmhmmm, I just made that up).

Here are a few cool designs to wet your appetite. I have a feeling my sketchbook on this trip may just be filled with some designs of my own!



Whether it’s pattern design, paintings, etched, or illustration, I can’t get enough of this type of eye candy! Check out these very cool artists and more of their stellar work from the links here!

1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5


Too Good Design // Sustainable Drink Packaging

Well, I did not start researching this post with the intention of it being booze-centric (hard to believe, I know), but rather, I was focused on sustainable packaging. I was truly amazed at how eco-responsible many companies have become. As I was scanning through pages upon pages of packaging, I kept coming back to a common theme. That’s right, packaging for BOOZE! Wine, champagne, you name it—it’s the holiday season, so it is definitely appropriate!

These examples don’t just look cool, they serve a purpose (other than just packaging) and are made from post-consumer waste or completely biodegradable material! Can I get a “Hallelujah!?!”



1 |  check out more info on Veuve’s packaging HERE, and watch this really cool video explaining it!
2 |  the patterns on this product just make me want to have them more! I read somewhere that you can even create custom ones!
3 |  okay, wine packaging that turns into a gorgeous lamp? that is pretty damn innovative!



Too Good Design // More Rad Surf Illustrations

I brought out my sketchbook this weekend and looked through it, it is certainly lacking when I compare it to these talented illustrators! I am inspired to use some of my downtime to work on my drawing skills that seem to have been misplaced somewhere along the way. Time to go outside, pick up some pens and markers and my practically empty book and see if my hands can still do it!

In the mean time, check out these cool kids from around the globe. O’lee is from France and has some of the most beautiful, detailed work I’ve ever seen. I particularly love all of the ocean inks, including the one shown below; Flor is from Argentina and did THIS cool, textural illustration. I would definitely love to see more work like this out of Flor! I am totally in love with Victor’s (from France, too!) style. Make sure to check out his entire body of work because it is so cool…such a cheeky and playful vibe…you’ll want to see them all!





Too Good Design // More Killer Surf Branding

Some beautiful examples of branding here! You can see more of the projects by following the links below. It’s always a treat when designers include their process, concepts and sometimes even their design briefs. I am a nerd, and I LOVE seeing how an idea came to be, like how Taja showed us with the Surf Zone logo or how Chris created Stoked Surf Wax. I am also totally in love with the branding for Flat. It’s one of those head to toe branding projects that I wish I had done myself! Well done, Paula!



1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5


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