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Too Good Design // Rad Surf Illustrations

From mixed media to line art to super detailed t-shirts, here are a few of today’s featured surf illustrations. I love the techniques and how different each one of them are.

My favorite is the mixed media photo illustration by Sean Mosher-Smith. It looks like it was done on wood, and the fact that it’s a window display suggests that it is likely oversize and the subtle illustrated waves add just the right touch of whimsy.

I’m also a HUGE fan of the surf line art resembling a ribbon by Verena Michelitsch. “The Old, The Young and the Sea” was created for a surf documentary, and I certainly want the t-shirt! I love how it represents time and was composed within the constraints of the ribbon but instead of being dictated by it, instead it adds new dimension by transforming the rigid lines into playful design elements like clouds, hillsides and waves.


Roxy Van illustration by Randy McDevitt

T-shirt design by Bert Van Wijk

Thanks guys, for letting me share your amazing work!


Too Good Design // Killer Surf Design

Carlos Cañellas Elton did such an amazing job with these illustrated surf annuals! I love their whimsy & the bold colors chosen. I can’t wait to see what Carlos does next year! I am also loving these Quiksilver “Surf” & “Ride” ads by Alexis Ward. The blending of colors and line art add so much depth to the already awesome photographs. And, as a side note, I want to point out the pattern of the line art she has used—Is anyone familiar with the current Starbucks Frappuccino campaign? Notice any similarities…

Just reiterates the point I made in my grad school Art History research paper: Surf culture continues to set the trends and influence the rest of the art world. BOOM!


Too Good Design // The Neon Design Trend

What came first…neon shorts or neon in print? Well, if I can remember clearly, back to 1990, when our family lived in Alameda, California, I was stealing my brother’s skateboard to ride down the streets of the Naval Base only to end up running into a curb, tumbling down, ripping my patch-worked neon jump suit (I believe it resembled something like this) and crawling back to my mother’s sewing room to have her stitch up the knee (really, the haphazard stitching only IMPROVED THE LOOK). I was too young then to have been paying attention to what was trending in print design, but it’s all cyclical, right? And right now, neon is HUGE! And, no one loves bright colors more than me, so, feast your eyes on this cool stuff!



See the whole projects! FOOLS GOLD  |  DUBAI FF  |  LECTURE NOTES  |  WORD.  (my favorite from concept to execution!) |  WWU  |  NEON KNIGHTS

Too Good Design // Cool Surf Board Designs

One medium for design that I am always looking at is board art. I don’t even have a board to put anything on, but, think about how customized you could make yours! I’d love to design some sort of water/weatherproof sticker for BK’s kiteboards, but until I find the right product, I will continue to look at impressive work like this, from Rudy Huebner. I found this project over on Behance and was pretty stoked to see all of this custom design work!


Nice work, Rudy! See more of her awesome design work on her site HERE.


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