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Wonderfully Illustrated Cocktail Recipe Book

You can tell it’s Friday when all I can think about is 5pm and a good happy hour spot (oh, wait, that’s not really any different than any other day I guess!) Regardless, it’s a great excuse to share this super cool, beautifully designed, cocktail recipe book by Jane Rocca and illustrated by the talented Kat Macleod. The Cocktail: 200 Fabulous Drinks is not just easy on the eyes, but it has delicious libations like the Funky Caribbean (rum) and the Hibiscus Martini. YUM! Check out some of it’s beautiful visuals & yummy recipes below and then go get a copy here!




Beach Party Essentials for July 4th

The long weekend is sooooo close, are you excited to celebrate the good ‘ol USA? I certainly am, and celebrating from another country brings out that red, white & blue pride just a little bit more. Here are some essentials for your fabulous summer weekend…


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Summer Travel Essentials For The Sunshine Seeker

With a nice, long trip coming up involving seaside stops, pools and lakes, I have packing lists everywhere! It only seems appropriate to post a few awesome products, perfect for traveling this summer.


Want them? Get them here:

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Summer Suits For An Active Lifestyle

Summer has arrived in Bermuda and I spent all of last weekend outside. This means one thing—time to shop for bathing suits. UGH. Every year it’s the same thing: I’m not quite in beach shape when it’s time to shop for these bad boys. On the plus side, getting a good suit hold you ‘in,’ while running up and down the beach, playing volleyball, surfing or SUPing will help you get into that shape FAST!

Here are a few bikinis whose cut, shape and fastenings have worked out pretty well for me in the past.


1— Hurley Dri-Fit Mesh Bra and Reversible Brief
2— Hurley Block Party Halter and Brief
3— Rip Curl Mirage Crossback Revo Halter and Pant
4— RVCA Kuta Swim Top and Botswana Swim Bottom


Instant Coastal Office Makeover With These Accessories

I spend so much time in my home office that it is imperative to my productivity to keep it inspiring. For me, that usually means bringing outdoor elements in, particularly of the coastal variety! Here are a few cool pieces—coastal inspired & vintage—that I might need to pick up on my next trip state-side (especially that clock!)

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Is that scotch in the photos with the coasters? Man, I wish it was Friday!


7 Spring Beach Essentials

Today I wanted to share some Spring beach essentials to have ready for any day that is nice enough to get out and enjoy some sunshine. I have been enjoying summertime-like days since I arrived in Cabarete, Dominican Republic almost a week ago, and I’m really hoping that the Bermuda ‘Winter’ has passed by the time I arrive home on Sunday. I forgot to pack a beach bag, so I have been using some ever-classy plastic shopping bags to tote around my book, sunscreen and music. Hopefully, this little visual guide will help you be more prepared than I was!



find these awesome products here:

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Yes, Please. // 23—Seaside Bedroom Retreat Inspiration Board

My whole house is a continuous work in progress, goodness knows I have about 30 projects that are dying to be crossed off my list…The rest of the projects are going to have to be patient, as I’m trying to tackle the bedroom first! I already have the bed, only it’s a deep red stain. I’d like to achieve an eclectic mix of textures, colors, modern & vintage for a perfect representation of moi. Stay tuned for the before and after post!

In Bermuda, the houses are all named, and my house is named “Coral Point.” I thought it only appropriate to bring in some coral inspired accents!



find these items here: 1  //  2  //  3  //  4  //  5  //  6



Tropical Home // Guest Post from Undeclared Panache

Special thanks to Lauren, over at Undeclared Panache for taking the time to share with you some great finds and help me get inspired!

“Hi Radworks readers, I am Lauren Koster, a friend of Lindsay’s, accessory designer for The Sak and lifestyle blogger at Undeclared Panache. While Lindsay is off surfing, soaking up the sun and tooling around on her Vespa, I live a different kind of island life. I live on the island of Manhattan, where we Soul Cycle, shop around Williamsburg and, when it’s not the dead of winter, I too ride around on my Vespa.


Lindsay asked me to do a guest post on the topic of “island life,” (Lindsay’s, not mine). So I thought I’d marry the two very different lifestyles. Today I am sharing tips on giving your space an island feel. Whether you live in Milwaukee or Manhattan, you can make your non-beach bungalow feel a little more like a vacation home.”


Photos: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6



Yes, Please. // 22—Perfect For The New House

Unpacking is coming along slowly, but what better way to procrastinate than to online shop for things that would compliment my existing stuff perfectly?!



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Yes, Please. // 21—Radiant Orchid Guide To Packing

If you haven’t heard yet, Radiant Orchid is the proud, new addition to Pantone’s “Color of the Year” series. You can read all about how and why it was chosen or just look at gorgeous mood boards (totally what I do…everyone knows I’m more of a ‘picture book’ kind of girl).

Since I leave Wednesday for La Republica Dominicana and I am currently knee deep in laundry getting ready to pack, I thought I might use the beautiful, new Pantone swatch as inspiration for a little packing list! Check out these awesome finds, centered around Radiant Orchid




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