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YES, PLEASE. // 8 — Stay Warm

It’s beginning to get a little cooler here in Bermuda. I know it’s hard to believe that it actually gets cold, but the high humidity and all of the rain in the winter months make it hard to stay warm. You need gloves on the bike, wind breakers and, sometimes, you even need your UGGS. Although I have plenty of blankets, and even a fire place in the living room, I can’t help but want to take advantage of those nights when the moon is full, the sky is clear, the stars are bright and it is just too good to not be outside with a glass of wine and some good company. If only to get the fire place outside…

BUT WAIT! Perhaps if I had this amazing fire table, this would be all the more possible.

Here’s a tip: I found this gorgeous fire table from Backyard Firepits while shopping with my new account on Beso. Sign up, shop, share! Who doesn’t love a “site devoted to shopping?”


YES, PLEASE. // 7 — DIY Lamp

You will have to forgive me, as I foolishly do not have a before picture of this lamp. But please, TRUST ME, when I say that it. was. ugly. There was no shade, and it was white with a pepto-bismol pink base. Lovely, right? It’s amazing what a new lamp shade and some silver and blue spray paint will do. Just check out how great my new desk looks with this fantastic lamp on it!



YES, PLEASE. // 6 — DIY Liquor Cabinet

Oh my. I do believe my eyes were bigger than my patience on this project. I have to say, I absolutely LOVE the way my new liquor cabinet turned out. It’s the perfect focal point in the room and, well, the contents are even better!

I bought this wardrobe for $200 (a steal in Bermuda!) in a local consignment shop. The first step I took was buying some wooden legs and spray painting them silver. I then attached them to the bottom of the cabinet to lift it off the ground, immediately enhancing the elegance level. Since it is cheap fiberboard, it would be nearly impossible to paint directly onto it without the paint scratching off. I covered the entire cabinet with contact paper, which was indeed a daunting task.

Before I began taping off my design pattern, I carefully planned out the design on a sheet of paper with the appropriate measurements. I have to say, I was tempted to leave the painter’s tape on the cabinet as I thought it looked pretty damn cool.

Next came painting! I used a small roller and an orange acrylic craft paint. In case any of the paint ran, I wanted to make sure that I could potentially scratch or wipe off the excess. I must have done 3 or 4 coats before I was convinced that the color was bright enough.

Peeling the tape off was so rewarding! This project took me hours from start to finish, so it was awesome to know that my initial vision was spot on. Below, you will see that I finished off the cabinet with 2 sleek, modern, chrome handles I purchased at the hardware store (to replace the brown plastic handles that came with it).

Something seems to be wrong…what happened to all of the wine?!



Why should you have to see the world as it really is when you can Instagram everything!

Markus Gerkes designed the Instaglasses that will feature buttons on the right side of the glasses which allow you to switch filters so that you can see  everything through filtered lenses.

You can capture images with the integrated 5-megapixel camera.

Check out the rest of the images here! And you can follow the launch of Instaglasses here!




I wanted to go this year but missed out. I am marking my calendar now and saving the date for this fantastic conference! Thankfully, you can check out all of the great content that you missed on their website. Salt Lake in January should be near some good skiing too!

Oh, and if you need a fix, Alt is heading to NYC in August…check it out!



YES PLEASE. // 2—Hurricane Season Musts

Hurricane season can be very busy in Bermuda for those in the reinsurance business (which I am not.) but other than that, unless there is the threat of a direct hit, the excitement comes from the possibilities of having hurricane parties!! An art I (and fellow UF students) became very good at during the summer of ’03 when mostly every storm decided to cross the state of Florida and sit on top of Gainesville for hours. If I was throwing a party this week, I would like to have these things on my side…

1 | 2 |  3 | 4 | 5










YES PLEASE. // 2—Honey Badger Tee

My youngest brother and I send a lot of random youtube videos back and forth. I must admit, I didn’t understand how funny this one was until I watched about 4 times. So, naturally, when I ran across this t-shirt at CMYBacon’s blog, I HAD to repost!

Guess what you’re getting for Christmas, Big Al?!

(you can buy the Tshirt HERE. you can view the video HERE!)




YES, PLEASE. // 1—Vespa Lamps

It’s hard not to love Vespas. They evoke feelings of nostalgia, they are elegantly designed and perhaps, most importantly, fun to cruise around on! Especially with the culture here in Bermuda, I have grown to really love & appreciate this brand. While I cant quite afford one at the moment, I lust after these gorgeous ‘bikes’ and know that one of these days, I will be rockin’ a shiny yellow Vespa!

Until that day, I think one of these would be perfect on my new yellow work table!

Check out the rest of Lamponi’s Lamps HERE!




YES, PLEASE. // Yellow!

I am working on refinishing a pedestal table, in yellow of course! I can’t wait until it’s done and I can use it as my new work space! For inspiration I was checking out a few other styles I would like to have…in yellow, of course!

And, well, the nail polish is just a bonus!

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