New York Knicks 2013/14 Arena Graphics

I must admit, I have been a little slack on putting together a sizzle reel for the arena graphics I did in the Fall for the NY Knicks. Mainly because I was trying to figure out a way to display the work on Madison Square Garden’s NEW GardenVision (their jumbotron, for those of you who are unfamiliar). Well, I couldn’t do it, so, alas, here is a short cut of graphics you would have seen last season. AND, stay tuned, as I have more projects that are similar booked down the line!



Too Good Type // Vintage Inspired

It’s good to be back after a long trip and restore some normalcy to my life as well as catch up on things. One of those things is looking through all of the ‘inspiration links’ that I have been bookmarking for the past few weeks. Although very different, these two typographic pieces I was drawn to for their vintage appeal.

The Surf’70 type face reminds me of summer with it’s organic curves, simplistic geometric shapes and horizontal pin stripes.


Courtesy of Naone 79 via Behance


This year’s Des Konings Trio Music Festival artwork was done by Peter Korleve. All of the typography was sketched and then hand painted. I love seeing process behind work. Peter also has a lot of other great typographic work he features on Behance.




Beach Party Essentials for July 4th

The long weekend is sooooo close, are you excited to celebrate the good ‘ol USA? I certainly am, and celebrating from another country brings out that red, white & blue pride just a little bit more. Here are some essentials for your fabulous summer weekend…


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Bold Man & The Sea Vintage Hawaii Print

Creating custom, vintage style, travel posters is one of my favorite past times these days, and designing this Hawaii one was certainly fun! The process of doing these, for me, evokes nostalgia and relaxes me, almost like I am being transported back in time into these scenes. This custom print was created specifically for Bold Man & The Sea, who I believe shares similar philosophies on what life should be like & traveling. Bold Man, I hope you enjoy the print as much as I loved bringing it to life!


This print will not be for sale, but you can contact me if you are interested in having one of these bad ass posters made for you, your home or your business!


Cosmopolitan’s “Misfit Right In” Spot

In honor of my week in fabulous Las Vegas, I thought I would share one of my favorite commercials right now. The Cosmopolitan “Misfit” commercial is eye catching, bold and has an awesome beat to it. Most people don’t watch live TV too often, including myself, but any time this :30 spot comes on at the beginning of a commercial break, I can’t help but be mesmerized. A good example of not over-engineering something, this is just plane excellent!


Bermuda Classic Coral Beach Wedding Invitations

I love when my friends get married! And I also love that they ask me (Wined & Designed) to be a part of setting the tone for their day by creating custom wedding invitation suites. This Bermuda classic Coral Beach wedding invitation suite was no different, done for the wonderful, Rebecca & Colm (Rebecca, a fellow entrepreneurial & spirit and owner of TABS). Even though I have to *sigh* miss the wedding, a little part of me will be their in the design of their wedding paper goods.

Have an amazing day, guys! Much love.

To see more invitations, vintage posters & video save the dates, visit Wined & Designed!










Coastal Inspired Living Room :: Blue Hue

My favorite room in the house is easily the coastal inspired living room! And it’s pretty easy to see why with that amazing view of the Bay and the huge yard (puppy??). I spend the most time in this room—even more than the office, thanks to my laptop. Since I spend so much time in here, I wanted to make sure that it was a good mix of cozy & stylish and of course, it needed to have some consistency with what is right outside of those French doors!

**I’m sorry for the lack of professional photos…One day**


I can count at least 6 things in this room from Orange Bay, and 6 things that I DIY’ed (including the sofa table, which I have already featured!)


These chairs are so versatile! You can sit in them and enjoy the view as they are, turn them around and watch a game of pool, or, they provide extra seating for a dinner party! These pillows are actually 2 gorgeous napkins that I sewed together with a zipper enclosure for easy cleaning. The napkins came from Island Trading.


I keep my yoga mat tucked behind my side table made of wine boxes for easy access to the patio. Perfect place to practice! PS—I painted that lamp, isn’t it cool?!


This rug, from ESC, is one of the pieces I splurged on, since I have no way to DIY one of those bad boys! I think it really has tied the elements in the room together successfully.


The subway roll signs were also a DIY project. I stretched the canvas onto frames, drew some lines in chalk as a guide and got to painting. Please note that the sign shown here is of no particular subway line in Toronto, just a random assortment of stops (cough cough…blame him…cough cough).


Summer Travel Essentials For The Sunshine Seeker

With a nice, long trip coming up involving seaside stops, pools and lakes, I have packing lists everywhere! It only seems appropriate to post a few awesome products, perfect for traveling this summer.


Want them? Get them here:

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Sketchbook Page—Geometric Shape Beach Art

I have been experimenting with different types of art projects around the house so I don’t end up with printed canvas after printed canvas (although if you like art work printed on canvas, you should check out our print shop). The last few weeks were water color and this week I decided to work with simple geometric shapes to create objects, like this sunshine and beach umbrella. They are now proudly hanging below the tide clock.

This project would be easy to recreate, just sketch out your main image first and then break it down into smaller geometric shapes, color with sharpie and hang!



See me?



Coral Inspired Master Bedroom

Today, I finally present to you what my coral inspired master bedroom looks like! I have moved furniture pieces around from where they were in the old house, DIYed some things, made some new artwork and ordered new bedding all to bring this bedroom look together. I’m sure there will be some more evolution or more art work hung as time goes on, but for now, I wanted to share this coral bedroom inspired by the ocean out the front door!

I am still missing a few accessories, but rest assured, I will find the perfect ones!


Mirror & frames from Orange Bay!


The headboard & the lamp was a DIY. The lamp tutorial I found here. Bedding I got on MAJOR sale from Macy’s (Tommy Bahama)

**yes, that is a teddy bear…his name is Sammy G. and my Dear Old Dad gave him to me when I was 6. That makes him 24, and he is the coolest. He is named for this ship, which DOD was on in ’91. It brings back so many wonderful memories**


BTW—I used canvas strips for my lamp shades (not what is mentioned in tutorial), simply because that is what I had laying around


You might recognize this artwork from my last sketchbook post! Doesn’t it look good framed?!


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