We Are Lucky.

I say this to myself almost every day, and the days that I don’t, I am still thinking it. We Are Lucky is one man’s attempt to give back to the world through others. Read a few of these stories. The acts of kindness can really blow you away. You have to imagine my surprise when I saw a few stories about Bermuda (this one too)! What a small world.




Why should you have to see the world as it really is when you can Instagram everything!

Markus Gerkes designed the Instaglasses that will feature buttons on the right side of the glasses which allow you to switch filters so that you can see  everything through filtered lenses.

You can capture images with the integrated 5-megapixel camera.

Check out the rest of the images here! And you can follow the launch of Instaglasses here!



Paint In Motion

I found this awesome photography here, and felt like passing it along. It throws me right back into the motion graphics design mind set and makes me want to work on a cool project right now! Maybe I’ll set up some stop motion projects for fun…Check out the photographs below and watch the video of how it’s done here. The video seems like it would make some wicked film titles!





RGB :: Carnovsky Exhibit

Oh, how I would love to go and see this exhibit! The work of this power duo, Carnovsky, is amazing and the concepts behind it are even more amazing. Visually, it is so stimulating, I can’t stop looking at these striking images. Now, how do I get to Portland!!




I wanted to go this year but missed out. I am marking my calendar now and saving the date for this fantastic conference! Thankfully, you can check out all of the great content that you missed on their website. Salt Lake in January should be near some good skiing too!

Oh, and if you need a fix, Alt is heading to NYC in August…check it out!




When I was little, I used to collect stickers, it didn’t matter what was on them I would put them EVERYWHERE! My mother says even my baby calendar had stickers that you would put on a date to signify “baby’s first X” but I ruined it because somehow I got a hold of it and put those things all over that calendar!

This experiment was definitely cool! I have a colorful home, but this brings that phrase to a whole new meaning! I certainly enjoyed seeing the progression here!

Thanks Thisiscolassal & Yayoi Kusama for sharing such a cool project.



So much of the design advice I found HERE hits home! The use of the F word seems to give these pieces of advice that ‘turn-knife-in-open-wound’ feeling that we should constantly be using to motivate ourselves to “work f*$%ing harder.”

There are so many good ones! But I think this one is my favorite.

Here are a few others I pulled from Good F’ing Design Advice’s website…Enjoy!



— Good F’ing Design Advice

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