YES, PLEASE. // 1—Vespa Lamps

It’s hard not to love Vespas. They evoke feelings of nostalgia, they are elegantly designed and perhaps, most importantly, fun to cruise around on! Especially with the culture here in Bermuda, I have grown to really love & appreciate this brand. While I cant quite afford one at the moment, I lust after these gorgeous ‘bikes’ and know that one of these days, I will be rockin’ a shiny yellow Vespa!

Until that day, I think one of these would be perfect on my new yellow work table!

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OK. Seriously, this has got to be my new best friend. How many unorganized folders do I have on my computer full of beautiful imagery and inspiration sources…countlessssssssss…This allows you to collect all of the images, videos, etc that you want from the web and store them in your “gimme bar.” NO MORE FOLDERS ON YOUR HARDDRIVE!

Go try it out!

The people of “Gimme Bar” are genius! I tip my hat, sirs.


YES, PLEASE. // Yellow!

I am working on refinishing a pedestal table, in yellow of course! I can’t wait until it’s done and I can use it as my new work space! For inspiration I was checking out a few other styles I would like to have…in yellow, of course!

And, well, the nail polish is just a bonus!

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WPShower has some sick WordPress themes…including this one, which just happens to be what you’re looking at!

Check out the rest of their user friendly, fabulous looking themes and update your own blog or website!


**Note, Radworks no longer uses a theme by WP Shower, but they still have totally awesome work!


The First RadWorks Design Hut Post

It’s official. The VERY FIRST POST! If it weren’t for a sabbatical from work, I may never have been posting this! I hope you (if there are any of you) enjoy this, as I know I will! Bare with me as content evolves!!






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